Friday, March 6, 2009

LGBT History Month in Downing Street

Sue Sanders and Tony Fenwick outside 10 Downing Street, last night.

Gordon Brown hosted a reception at Number 10, last night, in celebration of LGBT History Month. The month was celebrated throughout February, and this year’s theme was Education and Young People.

The reception itself will go down in history as the first ever reception at Number 10 for LGBT campaigners.

The Prime Minister spoke passionately about the fight for LGBT rights and paid tribute to the work of Schools Out. Harriet Harman, a long standing supporter of the LGBT community, said it was the best reception she had ever been to. Amy Lamé was celebrating her hen night, as she will be having her Civil Partnership ceremony tomorrow. Other guests included LGBT politicians, civil servants, campaigners, entertainers, teachers and clergy.

Co-chair Sue Sanders was overjoyed: “It was a magnificent night and a great honour to receive such a tribute to all our work. We can only hope that it will make next year’s celebrations even bigger and greater, and truly mainstreamed in schools, colleges and local authorities up and down the land.”

A more extensive report on the event, including quotes of what Gordon Brown said, is available via PinkNews here.
More pictures are available on our Flickr account here.

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