Sunday, June 5, 2011

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We are currently experiencing technical problems with our website. As a result it is currently unavailable. We are working on sorting this out and hope to back online as soon as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Uganda Drops Anti-Gay Bill

Uganda has dropped - or shelved it's proposed anti-gay bill. Parliament closed yesterday after failing to implement it. Although Parliament has been extended to run on Monday and Tuesday, only administrative business will be carried out. Many, however, believe that public pressure scuppered the Bill's chances, especially the USA's description of the Bill as 'odioud'.

Read more here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joan Armatrading marries girlfriend

Singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading and her partner, artist Maggie Butler, had a civil partnership on 2 May in Shetland.

Armatrading began her music career in the 1970s and quickly gained a strong lesbian following with singles ‘Drop the Pilot’ and ‘Love and Affection’.

She has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and two Brit awards, and she received the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection in 1996.

Read the full story in Lesbilicious, here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

40 years on: where are LGBT rights?

The 40 year anniversary of the founding of GLF in the UK on the LSE campus gave momentum to look back how LGBT rights have developed and become globalized in this period. The conference is an opportunity to engage in a discussion on the changing context of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) rights in the last 40 years. It is bringing together academics and activists involved in the development of the global LGBT movement. It will look at the historical context of the development of GLF and bring together current, and globalised, debates on sexuality, equality activism and needs.

The conference will consider the ways in which the rights context has impacted upon the lives of LGBT people both in the UK and in the global arena; What are the different ways of understanding strategies and technologies for sexuality rights in different contexts? What are the lessons to be learned from an internationalist perspective?

The conference will include a key note address, panel sessions and more open discussion based sessions. In addition, a 'witness seminar' methodology will include key contributors associated with the genesis of GLF in the UK in early 1970s.

Participants include:

Matt Cook Birkbeck College
Sonia Corrêa the founder of SOS-Corpo- Instituto Feminista para a Democracia (Brazil)
Vikram Doctor The Economic Times-India
Silvia Gallotti LSE Library
Joel Gustave Nana Executive Director African Men for Sexual Health and Rights(AMSHeR)
Sally Hines University of Leeds
Suhraiya Jivraj Oxford Brookes University
Katherine Johnson University of Brighton
Akshay Khanna Institute of Development Studies
Robert Kulpa Birkbeck College
Anthony Manion GALA Wits archives
Frank Mugisha Uganda Executive Director Ugandan Sexual Minorities Group
David Paternotte FNRS/Université libre de Bruxelles
Rahul Rao SOAS
Jeff Redding Saint Louise University Law School
Helen Sauntson University of Birmingham
Tamsila Tauqir Director of the Safra Project

The conference is open to all and free. However due to space restrictions prior registration is required. If you are planning to attend the conference please e-mail: or Dianne Josephs to reserve your place.

40 years on: where are LGBT rights? Gay Liberation Front’s 40th anniversary Conference
London School of Economics
19-20 May 2011
Wolfson Theatre
New Academic Building

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

David Cairns MP Dies

David Cairns MP

David Cairns, the Labour MP for Inverclyde, has died at the age of 44 after a short illness.

Read an obituary in Pink News here.

David Cairns on wikipedia

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pride Sports encourages LGBT Sports participants to help shape sport in England

Last week, Pride Sports, the UK’s LGBT sports development organisation launches a campaign to ensure that the voices of LGBT people are heard in Sport England’s Satisfaction Survey. The Sports Council’s online survey, which yielded a response from 44,000 people, last year, helps to inform the development of sport across England, and ensures the delivery of a ‘lasting legacy’ from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The survey asks respondents to rate their satisfaction with a number of aspects of their sporting experience; social, physical environment, staff and volunteers, coaching and opportunities to progress. However, although the survey asks respondents about their age, gender and ethnic background, it does not ask the sexual orientation question or provide an opportunity for trans people to identify themselves.

Lou Englefield, one of Pride Sports Founding Directors explains, “The problem is, whilst Sport England fail to ask the sexual orientation question or provide an opportunity for trans people to identify themselves, the Sports Council has no way of identifying any trends which relate specifically to LGBT people and sport. For example, the survey could show that LGBT people are more than happy with their sporting experience. It could equally show that we are not.”

Pride Sports are therefore calling on LGBT people involved in sport to use the additional information box towards the end of the survey to identify as LGB or T and to state if they practice sport as part of an LGBT sports group. Lou continues,

“There are now over 100 LGBT sports and physical activity groups in England alone, new ones establishing themselves every year. But many of these are not affiliated to their sport’s National Governing Bodies and have no contact with County Sports Partnerships, which provide support for grass roots sport in England. It is time Sport England began to ask how satisfied we are with our sporting experience and to invest more in LGBT sport”

Pride Sports will be conducting its own survey of LGBT people and their experience of sport over the summer.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Church Schools in the Netherlands can fire gay and lesbian teachers

Gay teachers can be dismissed by religious schools if it can be shown that their homosexuality clashes with the ethos of the institution. The Dutch Interior Minister, Guusje Ter Horst, made this statement in a letter to parliament attempting to clear up uncertainty on the highly controversial issue.

Up to now religious school boards faced legal proceedings if they expelled homosexual teachers.

The law was unclear as two constitutional rights clashed: freedom of education and freedom of sexual orientation.

In her letter, Minister Ter Horst says schools are entitled to demand that their staff adhere to the school's principles.

In the case of strict Christian schools, this means they are entitled to reject applicants or sack teachers if their sexual orientation conflicts with the school's Christian values.

Read the full story, here.

Joanna Russ Dies


Joanna Russ

The lesbian science fiction writer and critic, and author of The Female Man (1975), Joanna Russ, has died peacefully.

Read an obituary by Locus Magazine, here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Islamic Cleric: "It's okay to be gay"

Muhsin Hendricks is an Islamic cleric and a gay man.

The South African runs a foundation called The Inner Circle, which helps Muslims, who are struggling to accept their sexuality. He is on tour and has gone the the Netherlands to spread a simple message: “It’s okay to be Muslim and gay!”

It’s a message not everyone agrees with and the reason why Mr Hendricks is no longer officially a cleric.

Read the full story, here:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Olympic Gymnast Comes Out

Dutch Olympic Gymnast Jeffrey Wammes has come out and asserted that he is gay in a special edition of Linda magazine dedicated to gay sports stars.

Wammes said:“There was already a lot of speculation about whether or not I fell for boys or girls. To me it has nothing to do with sport or how I perform. But when I was asked to do this, I made it clear straight away how things were and that’s that.”

Read the full story, here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pride Solidarity Supports Day of Silence in St Petersburg

Around 50 people - members and friends of the Russian LGBT organization “Coming Out” (Vychod) - joined the international LGBT Youth initiative, the Day of Silence, to protest against the silence created by discrimination, humiliation and violence faced by LGBT people during their education. They were joined by Clare B Dimyon MBE of PRIDE Solidarity, a experienced teacher who is all too familiar with homophobia in British schools.

Russia has participated in the Day of Silence since 2008.

This ground-breaking enterprise in Russia was undertaken in three parts:

1) Day of Silence posters were placed on notice boards where students would see them

2) On 15 April (yesterday) leaflets were sent by fax to the city administration, the courts and prosecutor's office, dean's offices of universities and major media of the city. In total 120 faxes were sent.

3) On Sat 16 April, at 14:00 around 50 people gathered on the world famous Nevsky Prospekt and sealed their mouths with red tape. For over an hour they walked over 2km handing out leaflets explaining the “Day of Silence” as a protest against the harassment and discrimination faced by young LGBT people.

1200 leaflets were produced and none remained at the end of the action creating the most successful outreach action to ordinary people and officials ever seen in Russia.

Igor Kochetkov, director of Vychod (“Coming Out”) said: "We were silent and we were heard. What we, as LGBTactivists, see on the streets of St Petersburg, is more and more understanding of the unacceptability of violence and humiliation of human dignity."

Clare Dimyon MBE said: “It was a great privilege to take part in this action and while it was clear that participants were apprehensive, I certainly was, it was amazing to see that the reaction of the St Petersburg public was interested, even positive and a few even joined the flash mob. I was impressed by the thoughtful and efficient organisation of this action but especially by the young LGBT people who were taking part in an open action for the very first time. I was so very PROUD of them. It was also great that these LGBT History Makers were wearing the LGBT History Month badges that I brought from the UK.”

Facebook Photos


Monday, April 18, 2011

Amaechi talks about Kobe Bryant case

Former US basketball star and LGBT History Month patron John Amaechi has made a detailed response to the Kobe Bryant case. Bryant was fined $100,000 dollars after he called a referee a "f**king f*gg*t" in a game. He has apologised, claiming he never meant to cause offence, and his appealing the penalty.

Amaechi is now a psychologist, counsellor and equalities and diversity trainer.

Read the full article in the New York Times, here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Same-sex kiss-in protest in Soho

The John Snow pub in Soho was almost the scene of a same sex kiss in protest yesterday. The Sam Smiths hostelry caused outrage among the gay community when two men were allegedly ejected for kissing whilst sitting at a table.

But when the well organised protesters - who numbered about a thousand - turned up to kiss inside the pub, they found the doors were locked. The protesters carried out their kiss-in outside and the pub lost a day's takings.

The Guardian has a report and a video, here. Pictures are available on flickr, here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boy George claims queer-bashing is back after brutal attack on Phillip Sallon

Boy George claims homophobic violence is on the increase after his friend Phillip Sallon was found badly beaten and kicked in central London. Claiming these things come in cycles, George said that attacks of this kind were becoming as common as they were in the 1980s. Sallon, a long time friend of Boy George, wore flamboyant clothes and stood out in a crowd. According to George, his appearance is the most likely reason for the attack. He added that his friend would not cause a fight and that there was no other logical explanation. But more to the point, he added, there is a movement towards 'assimilation' in the gay community, where gay men try to fit in rather than be different or 'individual'. This, in turn, makes people who stand out more vulnerable to attack.

Meanwhile the police say they have no evidence that the attack, which took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on the 3rd of April in Shaftesbury Avenue, was motivated by homophobia and no witnesses have come forward. Read the full story in the Guardian, here.

Meanwhile, Mark Healey, who organises the Trafalgar Square Vigils in memory of Ian Baynham, has called for an assembly at the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus as a protest and a call for witnesses tonight. Facebook event.

Leeds Comprehensive used Sport to Stamp out Homophobia

A Leeds Secondary schools claims to have Stamped out Homophobia with the help of Pride Sports. Prince Henry's in Otley ran an anti-homophobia campaign that eradicated homophobic language as a part of 'tackling all forms of discrimination and promoting equality for all'.

According to assistant head Chris Lillington it was the students who wanted to take on homophobia and the PE Department were the first to take up the gudgel. Chris, who spoke of his school with pride at the LGBT History Month Pre-Launch at Twickenham last November, also said that Pride Sport's Lou Englefield and LGBT History Month patron Sir Ian McKellen visited the school to support their work.

Read the full article, which comes from the newsletter of the National Children's Football Alliance, here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anger at "plans to 'scrap the Equality Act'"

Equalities and human rights activists went into red alert yesterday at alleged plans to “scrap the Equality Act”.

The panic was caused by a Cabinet Office consultation site inviting comments on the Equality Act, citing a range of questions from whether it should be “scrapped” to whether it should be kept as it is.

LGBT History Month co-chair Tony Fenwick said:

“Some reactions have been premature. The Government would look very silly indeed it if it tried to scrap an act it introduced late last year and updated only a week ago.

“That said; there are those who would like to water down parts of the Act. The requirement for public sector organisations to publish details of what they are doing to challenge discrimination and promote equality could be in jeopardy. We need to defend this requirement because it moves the equalities agenda forward and gives the Act the power to bring about change.

“I therefore invite everyone to access the site (address above) and say “Keep the Act as it is”.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Government wants to hear from trans community

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has set up a monthly Trans bulletin and a survey. The initiative seeks to find out the needs of trans people and what progress they are making in "progressing the agenda".

You can download a pdf version of the bulletin by clicking here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bulletin No 84

The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations.

To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:
word document
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(you can also right click on the links and "save target as")

You can view all previous bulletins here or register to our mailing list here.

Sir Simon Milton Dies

Simon Milton

The London's Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, Sir Simon Milton, has died after a short illness, aged 49.

Simon Milton on wikipedia

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Public Sector Duty Launched

The Equality Act public Sector Duty came into operation on Tuesday April 5th. This will protect all the strands against discrimination and demand that all areas of the public sector promote equality on the grounds of:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender reassignment
  • marriage/civil partnership
  • pregnancy/maternity
  • race
  • religion/belief
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will oversee the implementation of the Duty.

For more information on the new laws, click here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drill Hall Hosts New Play on Being older and LGBT

Staying Out Late is a new piece of theatre written by Clare Summerskill and directed by Philip Osment.

It is the result of workshops and interviews with the older LGBT community in Camden, and reveals the hopes, fears and experiences of what being older and needing professional care may mean.

Is it safe to come out? Do you need to hide yourself away? What impact does this have on older people who have recently become confident about being “out”, and now fear they will be doubly vulnerable?

The show uses verbatim experiences and improvisations from older LGBT people. It is moving and funny, and will be seen by professional policy makers and carers, in the hope of changing attitudes.

It features an original new song from Clare Summerskill, a stand up comedienne, actress and singer whose shows are a must-see for lesbians around the country.

Staying Out Late
31st March 2011, at 2.30 and 7.30
The Drill Hall
16 Chenies Street
London WC1E 7EX
Box Office: 020 7307 5060

Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Dies

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor has died after a long and fascinating life. LGBT History Month salutes her; particularly for her early and sustained support for those who suffered from HIV and AIDS and her continued commitment to our community.

Elizabeth Taylor on wikipedia

NHS and GIRES Trans Workshop

A workshop covering 'Sexual orientation, Trans and the NHS' has been announced. The conference, which will cover the latest legislation on trans rights and involves the Government Equalities Office and GIRES, will be held in London on April 18th.

Time: Monday 18th April
Date: 10:30am-3:30pm
Location: Avonmouth House, London, SE1 6NX
For more information and to reserve a place please contact

Click on the image for more details.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make football homophobia-free. Tatchell demands new anti-homophobia in football DVD

"The Football Association (FA) needs to give a much stronger lead in tackling homophobia," said Peter Tatchell of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

He was a keynote speaker in London on Monday 21 March at the Leading the Way conference organised by the football anti-racism, equality and diversity campaign, Kick It Out.

Other keynote speakers included former professional footballer Paul Elliott and Simone Pound, Head of Equality at the Professional Footballers' Association.

"The FA's paper policies are now rather good but these formal policies need to be translated into stronger and more visible initiatives to make the beautiful game welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people," Mr Tatchell told the conference.

"The FA should impose big fines and match suspensions on players, managers and other football staff who use anti-gay insults. Money talks. The threat of financial losses - and the denial of the right to play - would be a strong deterrent to homophobia.

"Severe punishment is justified in cases of serious homophobia but the real solution is public education to change hearts and minds.

"The FA should secure the agreement of all clubs to feature anti-homophobia
messages in their match programmes, on tickets and on billboards inside and outside football grounds.

"I have long urged the FA to make a MTV-style video against homophobia, with big-name stars like David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Wayne Rooney and others. I'd like to see the video have a strong, joyful music track by a leading contemporary singer like Tinie Tempah.

"The aim is to produce a feel-good, happy-vibe video and get it shown on MTV, YouTube, in schools, at junior football clubs and on giant screens at premier league games before matches and during half-time.

"Such a video would have a huge, positive public impact. It would be a world first. No other football governing body has produced such a video. It would bring the FA great prestige and acclaim, get global media coverage and thereby raise awareness and help tackle homophobia internationally," said Mr Tatchell.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ian Rickson on The Children's Hour

The director Ian Rickson talks to Carole Woddis about his hit West End production of Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour (Comedy Theatre), which stars Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss in a play that was scandalous on its first outing in 1934, and continues to be relevant. Recorded at Graeae.

You can listen to the interview here.

Find out more about the play on Wikipedia here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Christopher and His Kind

Kevin Elyot's film adaptation of writer Christopher Isherwood's 1976 memoir, will be aired on Saturday 19th March, between 9:30pm and 11:00pm on BBC2.

The drama, which had a premier showing during LGBT History Month, stars Matt Smith as Isherwood

More info on Wikipedia

Invitation to WellFit Reunion Party

The WellFit Party is on March 26th at Union, Vauxhall from 10pm and they would be delighted if you would join them for the “Cologne Gay Games Reunion Party”

They have an exciting line-up, with internationally famous DJ Jack Chang and the dance hit of Sky TV – Guyz in Sync and an exhibition area for LGBT sports clubs

Purchase your tickets at

Click on the picture above to download the flyer (pdf).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peter Tatchell speaks for marriage equality

Peter Tatchell is giving a talk entitled "Equal Rights- Are we there yet?", on marriage equality and other issues of on-going homophobic discrimination.

This event is organised by the Gay and Lesbian Humanists Association (GALHA) with the official support of OutRage! and the Peter Tatchell Foundation. Some of the eight couples involved in the Equal Love / Marriage Equality campaign are expected to be present.

Derek Lennard (GALHA Events co-ordinator) commented: "This event will focus on the 'Equal Love' campaign which has taken the legal bid for gay marriage and for heterosexual civil partnerships to the European Court of Human Rights. Peter Tatchell will report on the progress of the campaign."

Peter Tatchell added: "Although I share the feminist critique of marriage, as an equality campaigner I abhor the homophobic discrimination of the ban on same-sex marriage. I defend the right of others to get married if they wish. The legal prohibition on gay marriage is the last major legal discrimination against LGBTI people in the UK. It must be ended.

Friday 18th March
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4LR
All welcome. Free admission

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Isle of Man and Ireland get civil partnerships next month

Gay couples on the Isle of Man will get the right to a civil partnership after a new law was signed in Tynwald. It gives them the same rights as married couples regarding inheritance, pensions and tax allowances. The law comes into effect on 6 April. Civil partnerships gained legal recognition in the UK in 2005 [not 2006 as stated in the article].

Read the full story on BBC News here.

The Ireland’s Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 came into effect from 1 January 2011, however couples were required to give a three month notice period before registrations could begin.

This means that the waiting period for many couples will be up in April. Civil partners will be treated in the same way as spouses under the Irish tax and social welfare codes. New rights and obligations will include maintenance obligations, protection of a shared home, pension rights and succession.

It has been reported that two ceremonies had taken place in secret last month already. It is understood that at least one member of both couples involved are suffering from serious illnesses with a risk of that one may die before the three month notice period for a civil partnership would elapse. Read the full story in PinkNews, here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clementi Honoured with Scholarship

A national scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students has created a scholarship in memory of Tyler Clementi.

The Point Foundation said Wednesday it is honoring Clementi's memory and furthering efforts to end the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth through the scholarship.

Read the full story on My Central Jersey, here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Minister launches LGBT Charter in Sport

Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone chose an LGBT History Month sponsored event to launch an LGBT charter in Sport, on Sunday afternoon.

The charter, which will invite national governing bodies of sports to commit to tackling homophobia and transphobia and making sport ‘a welcoming environment for LGB and T people’, was announced by the minister as she attended a Sheffield Eagles rugby league game at Bramall Lane.

The Eagles wore shirts with the slogan ‘Homophobia – Tackle It’ as they played against rivals Widnes Vikings. Fans were told that the event was in aid of tackling homophobia and the event drew statements of support from out sportspeople Gareth Thomas, John Amaechi, Clare Balding and Steven Davies.

Elton John also voiced his support in a message from the US where he is currently touring. Waterloo Road’s Scott Haining – who is outspoken about the importance of challenging homophobia – attended the event and proudly wore his LGBT History Month badge.

Education unions joined forces with LGBT History Month and Pride Sport in this ground-breaking event to educate the sports community. The match was sponsored by LGBT History Month and Pride Sport, together with the National Union of Teachers, the NASUWT, the University and College Union and Unison.

Featherstone echoed the prime minister’s commitment to making sport safer and more welcoming to LGBT people. She was optimistic about the new charter:

“Homophobia and transphobia have no place in sport and I’m delighted that so many sporting bodies are backing our campaign to stamp it out at all levels; from local parks to Olympic stadiums.”

The theme of LGBT History Month 2011 and 2012 is sport. Co-chair Tony Fenwick was proud of their achievements in the first year: “After some amazing sporting events in February, History Month went into extra time for this final fixture. All the players and fans I spoke to were completely supportive.

“The charter is just what we need to help sport move forward into the Olympic year.”

See also:
- Football Association accepts gay rights charter - PinkNews
- Sir Elton John offers support to Sheffield Eagles RFC - Pink Paper

Picture: Tony Fenwick, Lynne Featherston, Sue Sanders and the Sheffield Eagles.

National Portrait Gallery talk to celebrate lesbians and gay men in British cinema

The National Portrait Gallery in London is to host a talk highlighting key lesbian and gay figures in British cinema.

The talk will be held by south London writer Stephen Bourne, author of Brief Encounters: Lesbians & Gays in British Cinema 1930-1971. Some of the luminaries of the medium are also represented in the Gallery’s Collection, including Anthony Asquith, Dirk Bogarde, Mary Morris, Kenneth Williams and Derek Jarman.

The talk comes just prior to the opening of the 25th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and will take place on Thursday 24 March at 1.15pm. It is free to all.

Read the full story on PinkNews here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nordic Rainbow Humanists Award 2010 goes to Malawi

The 2010 Nordic Rainbow Humanists award has gone to secretary general George Thindwa and his colleagues of the Association for Secular Humanism of Malawi. “This has been made for their courageous public stand for LGBT identity and rights in this African nation, taking great risks of retaliation from homophobic politicians, religious leaders, and a hostile mass media”, said Nordic Rainbow Humanists' international secretary Bill Schiller in Stockholm.

“This is the second time our annual award has gone to Africa and we were very pleased to have this recommendation from an earlier winner and staunch supporter of LGBT rights Leo Igwe of the Nigerian Humanist Movement.

“The Malawi Humanists are being honoured for defending LGBT rights in a continent where tolerance towards the LGBT communities is a rare exception and where even former African freedom fighters and anti-colonialist leaders, now in power, openly call for the imprisonment and punishment of LGBT people”, said Schiller.

Earlier winners of the Nordic Rainbow Humanists award include George Broadhead (co-founder and long-serving secretary of the UK Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association), veteran Norwegian lesbian activist Kim Friele, Carl-Johan Kleberg (former chairman of the Swedish Humanists), veteran Dutch gay activist Rob Tielman (former president of the International Humanist & Ethical Union), Leo Igwe and colleagues of the Nigerian Humanist Movement, and Remyus Cernea and colleagues of the Romanian Humanist Association.

In a message to George Thindwa, George Broadhead, now secretary of the UK charity the Pink Triangle Trust, said: “Warm congratulations to Malawian Humanists on winning the 2010 Nordic Rainbow Humanist Award. If the situation for LGBT people is anything like as dire as that in Uganda, you richly deserve this for so courageously taking up the cudgels on their behalf. You also deserve great praise for your staunch opposition to the persecution of people in Malawi accused of witchcraft. As a gay Humanist who won this same award in 2002, I salute you.”

Sports stars praise Eagles' anti-homophobia stance

Four sportsmen who broke ground by daring to declare their homosexuality have praised Sheffield Eagles’ decision to take a stand against homophobia in sport.

Dual-code rugby international Gareth Thomas, former Rugby League star turned actor Ian Roberts, England cricketer Steven Davies and former NBA basketball hall-of-famer John Amaechi all hit the headlines by “coming out”.

Now they’re backing Sheffiield Eagles decision to challenge sport’s last great taboo by wearing a kit bearing the slogan “Homophobia: Tackle It!” in their Cooperative Championship clash with Widnes Vikings this Sunday (March 13, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, K.O 3.00pm).

“I think Sheffield’s decision to make this kind of statement is incredible and they deserve a huge amount of credit,” said former Australian Rugby League international Ian Roberts, who was the first rugby player of either code to “come out” in the late 1990s.

Roberts' decision to “out” himself – a brave move at the time – won plaudits across the world, and criticism from some within Australian Rugby League.

“I’ve never heard of any team, in any sport anywhere in the world doing something like this before and I think it’s absolutely fantastic,” Roberts continued.“Sheffield are directly addressing a topic that many people still regard as taboo, it’s something people don’t like to talk about so it’s great to see a team taking the step to address that issue.

“This type of initiative has been a long time coming and it’s great to see a Rugby League club taking the first step and hopefully now this will help any of the young kids out there who look for role models in the sporting world to see that there are people who will support them regardless of their sexuality.”

Former NBA star John Amaechi faced similar headlines to Roberts when he used his autobiography to reveal his homosexuality, in the process becoming the first basketball player – and the NBA’s only Hall of Fame inductee – to “come out”.

Manchester-born Amaechi, now a broadcaster and motivational speaker, was quick to give his support to the Eagles’ initiative.

“I am really proud to see Sheffield Eagles take such a proactive step to break stereotypes and embrace their entire fan base,” said Amaechi. “It says something truly positive that it is Rugby out of all our top sports and a team based in Sheffield in particular – a city I am proud to say I lived in – that are leading the way."

Since revealing his sexuality in a landmark 2009 interview, former Wales and British & Irish Lions rugby union international turned Crusaders RL Rugby League star Gareth Thomas has become a champion for LGBT issues. He won Stonewall’s “Man Of The Year” in 2010 and this year became a patron for LGBT History month – one of the sponsors of Sheffield Eagles’ groundbreaking “Homophobia: Tackle It!” shirts.

"I am really proud to be a part of a sport that is moving forward so pro-actively on the equality agenda,” Thomas said. “I would like to congratulate the Sheffield Eagles for leading the way in promoting work to tackle homophobia and transphobia in Rugby League and in sport.

"I think the world of sport is moving forward, especially after the ‘coming out’ of another two elite sportsmen this last month; Graeme Obree, the cyclist and Steve Davies the England cricketer. I wish them and others who are thinking of talking about their sexuality every support and warmest wishes. It is still not easy but it is liberating.”

Thomas’ groundbreaking move to reveal his sexuality while still in the midst of his career has recently become the inspiration for a Hollywood movie fronted by Mickey Rourke. The Wales and Crusaders RL star believes that sport can continue to help break down the barriers around homosexuality especially in the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics.

"I am proud to be a Patron of LGBT History Month and Schools Out,” he said. “They have organised and spearheaded the sponsorship of the 'Homophobia: Tackle It!" team shirts that Sheffield Eagles will wear on Sunday. They have brought together the Rugby League, Pride Sports, the NUT, UCU and NASUWT to sponsor the shirts.

"There is still much work for them to do in the build up to the Olympics next year but I know they are busy working behind the scenes to ensure that the biggest sporting event that our country has seen for many years will be a success for everyone, of every sexuality; from elite athletes, to local amateur teams and the thousands of volunteers who will be support the event. Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans people will be participating in 2012 in every way!"

Steven Davies became the first cricketer of any nationality to declare his homosexuality when he came out two weeks ago. He too has shown his support for Sheffield Eagles’ historic stance.

“Personally, Gareth Thomas was a real inspiration to me,” Davies said. “He made me believe it would be possible for me to do the same and anything that helps even one person should be applauded.

“There may be added pressures in sports as the number of people that have come out is so small so it's great that Rugby League is taking this step.”

Sheffield Eagles' historic "Homophobia: Tackle It!" shirts have been funded by LGBT History Month and Pride Sports with assistance from the UCU (Universities and Colleges Union), the NUT (National Union of Teachers) and the Rugby Football League.

Tickets for Sheffield Eagles game against Widnes Vikings on Sunday, 13 March are on sale now from the Sheffield Utd FC ticket office at Bramall Lane (0871 19951889)

Fans can order replicas of the Eagles’ historic “Homophobia: Tackle It!” shirts at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

LGBT History Month closes with landmark event in Polish Embassy

Ric Todd, the British Ambassador to Poland, marked the 28th of February by visiting the Polish National Library to see a very special copy of Radclyffe-Hall's Well of Loneliness.

This very early copy of the novel, printed in 1933 in its Polish translation, inspired a young Jewish woman to survive the concentration camp so she could live "to kiss a woman".

During the meeting with Ms. Katarzyna Ślaska (Deputy Director for Development) Ric reminded everyone that the novel was banned in Hall's native Britain at the time.

Pride Solidarity Campaigner Clare Dimyon OBE said: "This is what lesbian history often looks like... tiny fragments that escaped destruction, the most tenuous of connections. Ours is not a history of kings and queens and genetic lineage but something much more subtle".

Read the full story on the Foreign Office's website here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bulletin No 83

The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations.

To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:
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You can view all previous bulletins here or register to our mailing list here.

Rev. Peter Gomes Dies

Rev. Peter Gomes

The openly-gay, American preacher, theologian, and a professor at Harvard University's Divinity School, Peter Gomes has died, aged 69.

Peter Gomes on wikipedia

Monday, February 28, 2011

England cricketer Steven Davies comes out

England cricketer Steve Davies came out to his teammates at the start of The Ashes tour, according to The Sun (28-02-11). Speaking to a reporter from the paper, Steve explained that he couldn't face a three and a half month tour without explaining to his team that he was gay. He praised Gareth Thomas for setting an example for gay sports professionals and advised young people who know they are gay to go out and talk to someone.

Steve has been out to his close friends and family since he was nineteen, but kept his sexual orientation a secret in public and in his profession.In the interview, he described how hard this was, saying that the moments on the field were great, but the social side of it was very difficult. He praised the team, and particularly captain Andrew Strauss, for their support.

Read the full article in the Sun here. There is also an article in the Telegraph here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prison hosts gay players' football match

Players from the Justin Campaign Allstars team competed against inmates and staff from Winchester Prison last week, in a bid to highlight this year’s Football v Homophobia campaign.

The indoor football tournament took place on 9 February after inmates watched a short documentary about gay football team, the Brighton Bandits and took part in a workshop on the issue of homophobia in both sport and wider society.

Read the full story on Pink Paper here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eleventh hour rescue of Turing collection

Almost nothing tangible remains of genius Bletchley Park codebreaker, Alan Turing; so when an extremely rare collection of offprints relating to his life and work was set to go to auction last year, a campaign was launched to raise funds to purchase them for the Bletchley Park Trust and its Museum.

The Trust is today delighted to announce that the collection has been saved for the nation as the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) has stepped in quickly to provide £213,437, the final piece of funding required.

Read the full press release from Bletchley Park here.

Picture courtesy of Dr Sue Black showing some of the papers at Bletchley Park this morning.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Secret’s out on the hidden life of gay Victorians

The secret history of Manchester’s gay Victorians is being unearthed in a major study.

Historian Jeff Evans, a member of the Schools Out/LGBT History Month team, is looking at attitudes to homosexuality during the last 150 years.

He has now charted Manchester’s origin as Britain’s gay capital after a painstaking trawl through thousands of records.

Read the full article in the Manchester Evening News here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gay Republican Launches White House Bid

Fred Karger, the first openly gay candidate for the US presidency, has begun his campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to The Observer.

Read the full article on the Observer's website, here.

LGBT Campaigners attack Repentance App

The much-talked about Roman Catholic online confession App has come under attack from an LGBT rights group for asking "Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?" among its questions. Truth Wins out accuses the app of helping to encourage neurosis and shame.

To see full article on the Guardian's website, click here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

LGBT History Month Issues Cyrillic Logo as Tribute to Belarussian LGBT Activists

Clare Dimyon (MBE) writes: I chuckled at the very early photo of David Cameron and his name rendered into the Cyrillic alphabet before I realised the significance of what I was seeing on the Facebook site of Labrys Belarus. As I decoded the headline with my 30 year old schoolgirl Russian, I understood: British Prime Minister supports LGBT History Month 2011 (and I could understand the whole headline!)

That statement of a Conservative politician who is now (for better or worse) the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has enormous symbolic power to the LGBT in C&E Europe and represents the shape of things to come. This statement is the more powerful for the fact that it has been made by the leader of the party that introduced the hated and damaging Section 28, ally in the European Parliament with the Kaczyński inspired PiS (Law & Justice) party. Such allies can no longer claim homophobia as a universal "value". For LGBT people in C&E Europe it holds out the hope and gives the confidence that with persistence homophobia can and will and is being overcome.

Sue Sanders asked me to complement her presentation at the Lesbian Lives Conference in Brighton last weekend and told delegates of the importance of collecting and celebrating our his- and her- story. I explained how valuable my connections with LGBT HM are as I go round the PRIDEs of C&E Europe watching LGBT and democratic history unfold. I remind LGBT people to have an eye on the future to back up those photos, hang onto those rainbow artefacts, that what they are doing is history in the making, in the emergence of our people. This emergence that is not unlike the emergence of their nations from Soviet occupation and subjugation, a comparison, which may be the key in helping us explain our identity to the populations of central and eastern Europe.

As well as all the benefits of LGBT History Month to LGBT in Britain, ably outlined in Sue's presentation is the amazing fact of the encouragement this represents to even the most beleaguered LGBT in Europe. Belarussian LGBT continue the struggle in what is fundamentally a totalitarian state, the only country in Europe not even signed up to the Council of Europe unlike Russia, Ukraine and Moldova and a number of the other countries of the former Soviet Union. It is a fantastic and unexpected outcome of all the efforts to create LGBT History Month and a great tribute to all involved in making it happen.

And yet even in these oppressive circumstances Belarussian LGBT activists have achieved an astonishing piece of history... on Valentine's Day 2011 when they held their first legally sanctioned demo against homophobia in Minsk. It is the result of the work and persistence of a handful of activists who organised and took part, having the least legal protections in Europe.

LGBT History Month is proud to issue a Cyrillic version of the LGBT History Month 2011 logo as a small gesture of our great admiration of these Belarussian LGBT activists and to LGBT activists across the Russian speaking world (or anywhere the Cyrillic alphabet is used) who are LGBT history in the making. LGBT History Month values and recognises your courage in upholding the dignity of LGBT people and your role in weaving the fabric of our fabulous rainbow nation.

Clare adds: This is also an opportunity for me to mention the dedication of LGBT throughout C&E Europe who as well as everything-else have the often laborious work of translating films and materials from English (source of many LGBT resources) into their own languages so that LGBT who cannot speak English or understand it well can access their LGBT history and culture. As a result of this work by one Belarussian activist, news of the British Prime Minister's support for LGBT people can be proliferated around the whole Russian speaking (Cyrillic reading) territory, that 250 Million+ people!

As a 13 year old Quaker (and yet to emerge lesbian), I learnt Russian for "world peace" in 1978 at the height of the Cold War, as I delight in telling people in my best Russian! (It's one of the only things I can tell them in Russian!) "They" told me I would never use it, "they" laughed at my "perverse" decision, but now I use it most days and use it to connect with other LGBT people .so who's laughing now!

Message of Support for LGBT History Month from Leader of the Opposition

The Labour Party leader Ed Milliband had sent this message of support to LGBT History Month:

I am delighted to be supporting LGBT History Month.

Despite the progress made towards LGBT equality over the last decade, there is still more work to do.

It is hugely important that we recognise and celebrate the role that LGBT people have played throughout our history, and in every aspect of our society and culture. The principles behind LGBT History Month reflect the kind of society we would all like to see: one built on fairness and liberty, equal respect, and a willingness to speak out against injustice where it still pervades.

We can be hugely proud of the progress we have made in the last decade, and six years since LGBT History Month was first held. But there are significant challenges ahead. We still have not eradicated homophobia, as our school playgrounds can too often show and as the horrific murder of Ian Baynham tells us only too painfully. It is right that we are restless to take the next step towards equality.

I am pleased too that the theme of LGBT History Month this year and next is sport. The bravery of Gareth Thomas in coming out proves that attitudes are changing. With London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, as well as World Pride, I look forward to working alongside you to raise these important issues and to continue on the journey towards justice.

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, February 2011

CPs can be carried out in religious premises

The Government introduced Section 202 of the Equality Act today, lifting the ban on civil partnerships being carried out in religious places. The Prime Minister announced his intention to implement this change in June last year. Home Office Minister Theresa Clark announced the change as a landmark in equality for LGB and T people, but asserted that there would be no obligation on religious authorities or clerics to carry out civil partnerships.

The Quakers, who have already announced a wish to carry out same sex marriages, welcomed the change. Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone said that moves towards allowing same sex marriage and heterosexual civil partnerships would be considered and that consultation with interested parties would be part of that process.

There has been much speculation in the press during the week over the exact content of the announcement, with The Sunday Times running a headline story announcing that same sex marriages were to be legalised, which led to an article by Melanie Philips in the Daily Mail suggesting they would allow people to marry their animals next.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scotland: Gay & Lesbian History Trail Planned for Edinburgh Area

A lesbian and gay 'history trail' is being developed in the county by East Lothian Museums Service.The exact format of the trail has still to be decided but a spokeswoman for the local authority said: " In general terms, the museum service will be looking to identify individuals, events or places that have had a positive impact on the development of gay rights and equality within East Lothian."

Suggestions for points of historical and social interest related to LGBT history in East Lothian can be sent to

Meanwhile, East Lothian Diversity Network has arranged an event in Musselburgh next week to mark this year's LGBT History Month.

You can read the full story in the East Lothian Courier, here., or visit the East Lothian Council website here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bishop Derek Rawcliffe Dies

Bishop Derek Rawcliffe

The openly-gay, retired bishop, Derek Rawcliffe has died in Leeds, aged 89. .

The LGCM has published a tribute to Derek, which is available on its website, here. An appreciation by Peter Tatchell and Keith Rogers can viewed on Peter's website here. The Yorkshire Post obituary can be found here.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prime Minister Letter of Support to LGBT History Month

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has issued a letter of support to LGBT History Month. the text of which can be found below (you can view a pdf version by clicking on the image):

I am pleased to be supporting this year’s LGBT History Month. Since it began in 2005 it has helped to celebrate the LGB and T community and focus on areas where there needs to be more work done on equality.

I am pleased that the theme of History Month, both this year and next, is sport. With London hosting the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 it is essential that more is done to help people participate equally and without fear.

In June 2010 I launched the Government’s plans for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. One of the commitments was to work with the governing bodies of different sports to tackle discrimination. Work on this is currently being taken forward by the Home Office and Department of Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, with that aim that people participating in or watching sports feel safe and unacceptable behaviour is challenged.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to all those who give up their time to bring LGBT History Month together. Events like this enrich our society and challenge us to think more about the world around us.

The Prime Minister David Cameron 10th February, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wiltshire Group Launch Campaign Against Homophobia in Sport

Wiltshire and Swindon Men’s Sexual Health has dedicated their own poster campaign to LGBT History Month and the issue of homophobia in Sport, with “Show Homophobia the Red Card.”

This poster will be sent to all gyms, sports centres, and football clubs across Wiltshire and Swindon, to be seen by a wide audience, promoting discussion and hopefully opening a few people’s minds. The group will visit the football clubs during matches and hand out flyers, and have stands and displays where the public can engage with us. They aim to challenge pre-conceptions and help sports fans and participants see, there’s no place for prejudice in sport.

Men's Sexual Health has been working closely with the Trowbridge Tigers, Wiltshire's Gay Friendly football team, who recently took part in the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, a personal highlight for the team.

When asked why they think there haven't been many public football players to have come out player Nick Pitcher says, "well when you look at what happened to Justin Fashanu, when he was disowned by members of his own family and being dropped into the reserves and all the adverse publicity, he went and committed suicide, so it doesn't set the stall up for other players to come out. And it's obvious that every football team, and every league, there are going to be gay players, but they can't come out because of the repercussions, which is a great shame."

And its for reasons like that, Men's Sexual Health believe this to be a very important campaign so that things start to change, so more players feel safe in the sport they enjoy.

Men's Sexual Health has also made links with The Justin Campaign, which was founded to demonstrate that ten years after Justin Fashanu's tragic suicide in 1998, homophobia is still hugely prevalent in the world of professional football. In 2010 they launched the first International Day Opposing Homophobia in Football and with the second date coming up very soon, Februrary 19th, we ask you to get in touch with your local team and see how you can work together to mark this day, or get in touch with the company to find out more about the work they do.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

David Kato, Murdered

David Kato
1969 - 2011

The Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato has been murdered aged 42.

The BBC News obituary can be found here.

Past2Present Magazine: LGBT History Month 2011 edition

Past2Present, the research magazine by Archus (The National Archives LGBT Group) & The Rainbow Network is out. This special edition tells you everything you need to know about the History Month 2011, why it is important and why it is to be celebrated.

You can download a free copy of this invaluable resource here (pdf - 1.5Mb).

Friday, February 4, 2011

Football fans would accept gay players, new research shows

Staffordshire University will celebrate LGBT History Month by presenting the controversial findings of a survey into gay footballers, this month.

The event will see the authors of the TopFan survey, Professor Ellis Cashmore and Dr Jamie Cleland, speaking about and taking questions on their research.

And former Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent, Mike Wolfe, will be hosting a Q&A session for attendees also.

The TopFan survey, entitled Gay Footballers – Welcome or Unwanted, found that the vast majority of football fans would be supportive of gay players who reveal their sexuality.

Of the 3,500 participants, including fans, players, referees and other officials, most felt that players were unfairly pressured by their clubs and agents into keeping their sexuality secret.

Professor Cashmore said: “It is inconceivable that, out of an estimated 500,000 professional players around the world, not one is gay. The truth is that football culture is prohibitive: gay players have neither the confidence nor the inclination to come out.

“Our conclusion is that this is not a healthy condition for football and our concern is that football is, in this sense, out of tune with the rest of the sporting world.

“The survey reveals a new and surprising image of football culture, which has been characterised as stuck in the dark ages and ‘steeped in homophobia.’”

It is hoped the event will bring more attention to the findings of the survey and encourage football’s governing bodies to take action.

Clare Ridgley, Equality and Diversity Manager at Staffordshire University, said: “This event is part of the University’s Celebrating Diversity Programme and we hope that by providing a platform to discuss this fascinating research we will raise awareness and understanding of some of the issues that members of our LGBT community face.”

The Staffordshire University LGBT History Month event takes place on Wednesday, February 23, between 5:45pm and 7:30pm, at the University’s Stoke Campus.

To book a free place or for further information contact Clare Harp, Equality and Diversity Team, via email or phone 01782 292775.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sheffield Eagles Wear the Message!

Keep March 13 free in your diary and to help us support the mighty Sheffield Eagles Rugby League FC to challenge homophobia in sport!

063 Pride Sports sponsor Sheffield Eagle’s new shirts

What’s it all about?
On March 13 at 3.00 pm, Sheffield Eagles’ first home game of the season, the team will be walking onto the pitch wearing a kit carrying the message‘HOMOPHOBIA – TACKLE IT’ sponsored by LGBT History Month and Pride Sports. The team will also be presented with the Pride Sports Challenge Cup, a trophy that will recognise, annually, Rugby League teams which support LGBT History Month.

We are asking the LGBT community to support this great initiative and come along and watch the match.

For those of you who fancy a more ‘hands on’ experience, there will also be a fun touch rugby event before the game run by Sheffield Eagles coaches, which is free to anyone attending the match in the afternoon. So there’s a chance to give it a go before you watch the professionals at work.

Why should you support the event?
Sheffield Eagles RLFC are the first professional sports club in the UK to make a public stand against homophobia in sport. The team are not just wearing the kit, however, they have supported a number of LGBT History Month events, travelling across the country to show their commitment to dealing with this issue.

The game has already attracted significant media interest and invited guests will include Ministers, representatives of the sports councils and representatives of other national governing bodies of sport.

We want to reward the amazing work of Sheffield Eagles (players, board and staff) and show sport in the UK that it is time they dealt with LGBT discrimination, homophobia and transphobia head-on.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New way for hate crime victims to come forward launched to coincide with LGBT history month

The police service has launched a new way for victims of hate crime to come forward which includes an online reporting form to enable victims to report hate crime online. The website, called True Vision, is supported by all police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and can be accessed at

True Vision provides information for victims and the public about what hate crime is, why it is important to report it when it happens, and sets out the range of ways hate crimes can be reported, including via a new online reporting form. The site also provides links to organisations that can offer support and advice on hate crime related issues.

ACPO lead on hate crime, Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris, said: “It is timely to launch this site at the start of LGBT History Month. It is right that we celebrate the many and varied achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, but it is also important to recognise that LGBT history is tainted by targeted abuse and hostility which has often been violent. These hate crimes are abhorrent and I hope this facility will encourage those who suffer such hostility to come forward and enable us to combat this unacceptable behaviour.”

Monday, January 31, 2011

Vote for All Male dance Group on Sky 1

Guyz in Sync, the UK’s only all-male gay Latin and Ballroom formation dance team, have made it into the live-semi-finals of TV talent contest Got to Dance on Sky1. Getting to this stage means they have beaten thousands of other dance acts to be in the final 28.Two acts from each semi-final will qualify for the grand final later in February.

The TV audience will be in control of choosing the finalists by telephone voting. And just imagine how fantastic it would be if a gay dance team made it through to the finals. That would shake things up a bit! Guyz in Sync are up for challenging what most people think couple dancing is about and we’d love you to help us in our quest to conquer Got to Dance.

How can you help?
1. Forward this email to your members and friends.
2. Become a fan of Guyz in Sync on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter and encourage your friends to do so.
3. Watch the live semi-final on 6th February 2011, 6pm on Sky1 and vote for Guyz in Sync
4. Download the Got to Dance voting app for iphone here.

If you don’t have Sky1, don’t panic! You are not alone! Guyz in Sync are currently setting up a number of screening venues across the country so that as many people as possible can watch them strut their stuff. If you know of any LGBT venues that may be willing to become a screening venue, please let us know. The more venues, the better! We will be advertising all screening venues to our fans on Facebook.

Twitter: @guyzinsync

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bulletin No 82

The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations.

To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:
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LGBT Group Seeks Coming Out Stories

Sandwell LGBT Community Group in conjunction with Sandwell LGBT Working Group and other voluntary and statutory organisations are organising several events for LGBT History Month 2011.

The theme will be 'coming out' and as such, we are asking for people's personal stories and experiences.

Responses can be as long as long or short as you like, the following are for guidance only;

When did you realise you were lgbt?
What did you do?
If out/open about your sexuality/gender identity, how did you tell people (ie; family, friends, work, colleagues etc)
What would have helped you going through this process?
What advice would you give to someone coming out now?

Please use only your first name or a false name... all work will be kept anonymous.

Stories are needed before February 1st please.

Please send your responses to

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bulletin No 81

The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations.

To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Launch of LGBT History Month 2011: Queer Question Time hosted by Evan Davis

The BBC's Evan Davis, presenter of the Today Programme on Radio 4, helps to launch LGBT History Month 2011 in Southwark with Queer Question Time at Southwark Council's Tooley Street headquarters on Tuesday 1 February 2011.

MC Stewart Who? will open the evening at 7pm with a performance from the Pink Singers.

This will be followed by Queer Question Time at 7.30pm. Evan will chair an hour-long public debate with a panel of 5 local, national, and international LGBT icons and commentators, including Matthew Parris (writer, broadcaster and Times columnist), Sue Sanders (LGBT activist and co-chair of Schools Out), John Amaechi (psychologist, New York Times best-selling author and former NBA basketball player), and Angela Eagle MP (Westminster's first out lesbian). A fifth panelist will be announced closer to the time.

This is the seventh year that LGBT History Month has been marked across the UK. It is an annual celebration of the lives and achievements of the LGBT community, with a special theme this year of "tackling homophobia and transphobia in the world of sport". Queer Question Time will cover this topic as well as broader issues facing the LGBT community.

Queer Question Time
1 February 2011 - 6pm
Southwark Council, Atrium
160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TZ
Refreshments will be served. Admission is free but advance booking is strongly advised as places are limited.
To book your place contact Helen Laker on 020 7525 0848 or

Saturday, January 8, 2011

After 17 years, DADT is set to become history

US campaigners have been celebrating as the Senate voted to get rid of its military's discriminatory 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' (DADT) policy.

After 17 years of this discriminatory legislation, which came into being as a compromise under the Bill Clinton administration, the policy which ended the military careers of an estimated 13,000 women and men is finally on its way out. The policy specified that lesbians and gays could serve in the forces as long as they kept quiet about it and no-one had the right to ask anyone about her/his sexuality. Opponents said it wrote discrimination into military law.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates supported the repeal but warned serving members of the US forces not to come out until the new legislation was in place, which may take up to a year. President Obama welcomed the decision.

Bulletin No 80

The latest edition of the LGBT History Month bulletin is now available, as usual packed-full of news, information, notices of upcoming events and quotations.

To access the latest bulletin please click on one of the links below:
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vote for A Day in Hand to win

A Day In Hand is excited to announce that thanks to you, we have made it to the final round in the Pink Paper Awards 2011.

We're in fine company up against great organisations such as THT, The Gay and Lesbian Foundation, Stonewall and GMFA. We came 3rd place last year. We need some improvement on that, so we're aiming for 1st.

Please consider Voting for us to show how a grassroots, totally volunteer run, internet-active LGBT organisation can make it to number 1, and more importantly how sometimes the underdog can come out on top.

Note: This is not the nomination round, which you helped us with a few weeks ago. This is the final.
You can vote for as many or as few categories as you like.

But please vote for A Day In Hand in Category 6: Best LGBT Organisation or Charity.

Vote now here (Voting will close 10am on 7 February)

Thank you. You are the revolution!