Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Portsmouth and Cambridge Unveil LGBTHM Events

There are currently just under 100 events on our calendar of events for LGBT History Month 2008 (view the calendar or add you own events here) and more are being added daily.

In the past few days both Portsmouth and Cambridge have release the list of the events they will be organising this February.

There will be 10 events in Cambridge including talks and film screenings. There will also be related activities in schools and libraries. Click here too find out more.

Portsmouth have already four events in their listings but will be added more soon. Events include things as varied as a religious service and an evocation of the life of Judy Garland. All details available at www.portslgbthistory.co.uk. You can also read this article on Pink News

There is still time to organise an event in your area. In any case, do not forget to advertise what you are doing on our calendar.

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