Friday, March 7, 2008

LGBT History Month Badges

This year's History Month is over but the celebration of our community's achievements is a matter of every instant. Our lovely badges are still available and will allow you to do just that In addition to showing your support to History Month and providing it with much needed financial support.

The badges are available for sale, together with History Month T-shirts, from this page. They cost £2.50 each including package and postage.

We also offer the option of buying them in bulk with a discount for any organisation wanting to do a little fundraising for themselves. The prices are as follows:
10 badges £15 (+ £1.50 package and postage)
50 badges £60 (+ £3 package and postage)
100 badges £100 (+ £5 package and postage)

Should you want to place an order please send a cheque made out to LGBT History Month to BM LGBT History Month London, WC1N 3XX. Please specify how many badges you require.

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