Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LGBT London Network

LGBT London NetworkA new web-based network has been set up to bring together LGBT voluntary and community groups around London.

Earlier this year the "Linking London" project, bringing together the LGBT Forums in the various London Boroughs, was wound up as the funding had ceased. At the final Linking London meeting, facilitated by Ben Gooch, it was agreed to look into ways of continuing to link the forums together, by means of a web presence.

The LGBT London Directory gives details of non-commercial LGBT organisations throughout London. The LGBT London network also offers a calendar of forthcoming events and a forum to which members can contribute freely. Members can also create personal blogs.

The Network is open to anyone to look at but only members can post material to it. Anyone can join, subject to confirmation by an administrator. Members can be individuals or organisations. Additionally there is the possibility of creating one or more private special-interest subgroups.


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