Friday, September 12, 2008

LGBT Related Radio and TV Programmes, 13th - 19th September

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Some of the radio programmes listed below can be listened to again via the Listen Again facility of the BBC's website while some of the television programmes will remain available also for a week on the BBC's iplayer.

Saturday 13th
BBC Radio 2 - 5pm: Paul Gambaccini. US hits
BBC Radio 4 - 10am: Excess Baggage. Sandi Toksvig presents
6 Music - 12midnight: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 8pm & 3am: Horne of Plenty. Tribute to Kenneth Horne who would have been 100

Sunday 14th
BBC Radio 2 - 2pm: Dale Winton’s Pick of the Pops. ‘67 and ‘78
BBC Radio 4 - 8pm: For One Night Only. Paul Gambaccinin on Elvis Presley’s 1968 TV comeback
BBC Radio 4 - 11pm: And the Academy Award Goes to…Paul Gambaccini examines One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
6 Music - 1am: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 5.30pm: How Tickled am I? Mark Radcliffe on Beryl Reid; featuring the Sister George thing
Classic FM - 9pm: Paul Gambaccini’s Hall of Heroes

Tuesday 16th
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Great Lives. Presented by Matthew Parris
BBC Radio 4 - 9am and 9.30pm: The Choice. with Rabbi Roderick Young

Wednesday 17th
BBC Radio 7 - 8am, 12noon & 7pm: Beyond our Ken

Thursday 18th
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30am Thoroughly Modest Mollie. Bernard Cribbins plays tribute to the comedy writer Mollie Millest, who wrote scripts for Round the Horne and lived another life as a Salvation Army member

Friday 19th
BBC Radio 4 - 11pm: Great Lives. Repeat from Tuesday
6 Music - 7pm: Tom Robinson. New acts

BBC London 94.9 and online
Sunday 9am-12noon Lesley Joseph and Christopher Biggins
Monday РFriday 3-5pm Danny Baker. With Amy Lam̩ or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio 24/7
Brighton, London DAB and online

BBC Three Counties (and online), Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, Northants., Suffolk
10pm-1am Ern and Vern. Kenny Everett meets Round the Horn in a bucketful of innuendo


Entertainment and documentaries

Saturday 13th
BBC1 - 1pm: Clare Balding introduces The World Paralympics
BBC1 - 6.30pm: Strictly Come Dancing. New series
BBC2 - 7.30pm: Maestro Finale. Sue Perkins is favourite to win. Repeat from last Tuesday
BBC2 - 9.10pm: Have I Got Old News for You? Clare Balding guests
ITV1 - 9.25am: Corrie Omnibus. Sean is still beside himself
ITV1 - 8.30pm: All Star Family Fortunes. Christopher Biggins and family guest
ITV1 - 9.15pm: Everybody Dance Now! A look at dance crazes. LGBT content unknown
ITV2 - 6am: Corrie Omnibus
ITV3 - 5.20pm: Cadfael
E4 - 10.05pm: Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ Perfect Night in
Living - 9am: Grey’s Anatomy
Living - 3.55am: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Sunday 14th
BBC2 - 10.45pm: Russell Brand on the Road. Following in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac
ITV1 - 4.45pm: All Star Family Fortunes. Repeat from last night
ITV1 - 7pm: For One Night Only. Variety Show presented by Joan Rivers and Vernon Kay
ITV3 - 8.30pm: Celebrating-The South Bank Show. 1978-1987 highlights of ITV’s flagship art show
C4 - 8pm: Wife Swap. A gay father from Milton Keynes swaps with an anti-gay mother
E4 - 11pm: Shameless
More4 - 4.30pm: Come Dine with Me. Omnibus
Sky 1 - 7pm: Hairspray: The Schools Musical. An Enfield school takes the Broadway musical on. Presented by Denise van Outen
UKTV Gold - 11am & 7pm: The Thin Blue Line
UKTV Gold - 12.45am" Dr Who
Living - 9am: The Golden Girls
Living - 3.55am: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Living - 4.40am: The Golden Girls
Sky Arts - 9.15am: Liberace. Rare chance to see the late closet case
Biography - 6pm: the Real James dean
Biography - 8pm: Lindsay Lohan off the rails

Monday 15th
BBC1 - 11am: Open House. Kristian Digby
BBC1 - 10.35pm: The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan. Morgan interviews Jim Davidson who expresses his views on homosexuality. Sounds like one to watch and then complain about
BBC2 - 8.30pm: What to Eat Now. Valentine Warner is the hunky new chef who spends more time standing in rivers and crawling under hedges than he does in the kitchen
C4 - 8.20am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
Dave - 9pm: QI
Sky2 - 8pm: Hairspray The Schools Musical
Living - 7pm & 1am: Will and Grace
Living 2 - 11am: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Sky Arts - 5.30pm: Simoan Callow’s Classic Destinations
Biography - 6am: The Real James Dean
Biography - 2pm: Lindsay Lohan off the Rails

Tuesday 16th
BBC1 - 11am: Open House. Kristian Digby gets persuasive
BBC HD - 11.30pm: Neil Diamond at Glastonbury
C4 - 8.25am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 6.30pm: Hollyoaks. Craig and John Paul have something. It’ll end in tears
C4 - 8pm: The Sex Education Show. Part 2 of 6
E4 - 11pm: Skins. Series one
Living - 7pm and 1am: Will and Grace
Sky Arts - 8.30pm: Simon Callow

Wednesday 17th
BBC1 - 11am: Open House. Kristian Digby
BBC2 - 12.50pm: Beijing Paralympics. Closing ceremony with Clare Balding. Highlights at 7pm
BBC2 - 8pm: The Restaurants - two gay couples compete
C4 - 8.30am: Will & Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 6.30pm: Hollyoaks. There’s still something
Living - 7pm & 1am: Will and Grace
UK TV History -10pm: I, Claudius. Derek Jacobi plays the unlikely emperor. Last one
E4 - 10.30pm: Rick And Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple In All The World

Thursday 18th
BBC1 - 11am: Open House. With Kristian Digby
BBC1 - 10.35pm: Question Time. No details at time of going to press
BBC2 - 8pm: The Restaurants - two gay couples compete
BBC2 - 9.30pm: The Cup. The coach is seen going into a gay bar
ITV1 - 9pm: Anne Widdecombe Versus Girl Gangs. Whose side will you be on?
C4 - 8.30am and 1.30pm: Will & Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 6.30pm: Hollyoaks. Time for tears. John Paul’s drink is spiked
C4 - 11.40pm: Alan Carr’s Celebriy Ding-Dong
Living - 7pm & 1am: Will and Grace
Living - 10pm: Grey’s Anatomy
Biography - 8pm: Barry Manilow

Friday 19th
BBC1 - 11am: Open House. Kristian Digby
BBC1 - 10.35pm: Jonathan Ross. Paul O’Grady guests
BBC2 - 10pm: QI (rpt)
C4 - 8.25am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 6.30pm: Hollyoaks. More tears
C4 - 11.05pm: Derren Brown in the US
E4 - 9pm: Wife Swap. Gay parents and homophobic housewife
Sky 1 - 9.30pm: Hairspay; The School Musical
Living - 7pm and 1am: Will and Grace
Living 2 - 11am: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Biography - 8am & 4pm: Barry Manilow

Film and drama
Saturday 13th
C4 - 7.30pm: Fellowship of the Ring. Hail Gandalf
Film 4 - 9pm: Brokeback Mountain
UKTV Gold - 9pm: Philadelphia
Sky Movies Premiere - 11.45pm: Factory Girls. Guy Pierce as Warhol
Sky Arts - 9pm: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Monday 15th
five - 11.05pm: Boogie Nights. Wahlberg as porn star. Burt Reynolds as director
TCM - 9pm: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Newman and Taylor in Tennessee Williams’ dysfunctional family

Film4 - 1.35am: Prick Up Your Ears. Gary Oldman does Joe Orton in Stephen Frears’ biopic
Sky Movies Classics - 9pm: In Cold Blood. Murder mystery that intrigued Truman Capote

Wednesday 17th
Film4 - 11.20pm: Personal Services. Julie Walters in a sympathetic portrayal of Cynthia Payne, who served up something special in return for Luncheon Vouchers.

Thursday 18th
Film4 - 9pm: Brokeback Mountain
Sky Arts - 10.30pm: This Filthy World. Documentary about John Waters
Sky Movies - 10.40pm: The Innocents. Based on The Turn of the Screw
Sky Indie - 12.25: Infamous. Biopic of Truman Capote

Friday 19th
Sci-Fi/Horror - 9pm X-Men;The Last Stand

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