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LGBT related Radio and TV Programmes, 20th - 26th December

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Some of the radio programmes listed below can be listened to again via the Listen Again facility of the BBC's website while some of the television programmes will remain available also for a week on the BBC's iplayer.

Please also note that Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour contains a lot of relevant content and is generally LGBT friendly, but a lot of its output is not available to us before we put this on the site. For the latest Woman’s Hour stuff, subscribe to the programme's newsletter here.

Saturday 20th
BBC Radio 2 - 5pm: Paul Gambaccini. US hits
BBC Radio 4 - 10am: Excess Baggage. Sandi Toksvig
BBC Radio 4 - 4pm: Weekend Woman’s Hour. Highlights
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30: Adventures in Poetry. Analysis of the effect of Cole Porter’s Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love
6 Music - 12midnight: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 6pm: The Price of Fear. Presented by the late Vincent Price
BBC Radio 7 - 7.30: The Tailor of Gloucester. Beatrix Potter classic read by Miriam Margolyes

Sunday 21st
BBC Radio 2 - 2pm: Dale Winton’s Pick of the Pops ’63 and ‘88
BBC Radio 3 - 12noon: Christmas Across Europe and Beyond. Includes Britten’s Men of Goodwill
BBC Radio 3 - 5pm: Christmas Across Europe and Beyond. Includes Britten’s A Hymn to the Virgin
6 Music - 1am: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson

Monday 22nd
BBC Radio 3 - 7am: Breakfast. Includes Britten’s Young Apollo
BBC Radio 4 - 9.45 & 12.30am: Book of the Week. My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt
BBC Radio 7 - 12.30 & 7.30pm: Christmas Night with Hinge and Brackett

Tuesday 23rd
BBC Radio 2 - 11.30pm: The Class of 2008. New series presented by Paul Gambaccini. Duffy and Teddy Thompson feature
BBC Radio 3 - 7am: Chopin
BBC Radio 3 - 3.25pm: Swan Lake
BBC Radio 3 - 6.05: Chopin
BBC Radio 4 - 9.45 & 12.30am: Book of the Week. My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt
BBC Radio 7 - The Navy Lark

Wednesday 24th - Christmas Eve
BBC Radio 2 - 12noon: Alan Carr’s Office Party
BBC Radio 2 - 7pm: Neil Diamond Live
BBC Radio 3 - 8.30am: Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Highlights
BBC Radio 3 - 10.54: Britten: Ceremony of Carols op 28
BBC Radio 4 - 9.45 & 12.30am: Book of the Week. My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt
BBC Radio 4 - 11.00pm: The Cornwell Estate

Thursday 25th - Christmas Day
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: The Paul O’Grady Picture Show
BBC Radio 3 - 3.40pm: Telling a Story. Includes Act 2 of The Nutcracker Suite
BBC Radio 4 - 8.00am: The Archive Hour: How Radio Comedy Changed a Nation
BBC Radio 4 - 9.45 & 12.30am: Book of the Week. My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt
BBC Radio 4 - 10: Woman’s Hour Special
BBC Radio 4 - 2.15: Pick of the Year. Sandi Toksvig
BBC Radio 4 - 8pm: Let Me Entertain You. Back to back repeat of John Sessions’ history of popular entertainment in the UK
BBC Radio 7 - 12noon & 7pm: I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Christmas Carol. Spoof show presented by Stephen Fry

Friday 26th - Boxing Day
BBC Radio 3 - 2pm: Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty
BBC Radio 4 - 9.45 & 12.30am: Book of the Week. My Judy Garland Life, by Susie Boyt
BBC Radio 4 - 3pm: Ramblings. With Clare Balding
BBC Radio 4 - 4: Killer Bs. Paul Gambaccini and Gloria Gaynor contribute to a celebration of the ‘B’ side
BBC Radio 4 - 7.15: Front Row. Celebrity Memoirs. IncludesPaul O’Grady and Alan Carr
BBC Radio 7 - 7pm: Round the Horne

Galaxy North East
Monday-Friday 4-7pm: James Barr

BBC Radio Manchester - 95.1 and online
Every Monday 8pm: The Gay Hour, Ashley Byrne and Andrew Edwards

BBC London - 94.9 and online
Sunday 9am-12noon: Lesley Joseph and Christopher Biggins
Monday – Friday 3-5pm: Danny Baker. With Amy Lamé or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio - Brighton, London DAB and online 24/7

BBC Three Counties - online, Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, Northants., Suffolk
10pm-1am: Ern and Vern. Kenny Everett meets Round the Horn in a bucketful of innuendo

Manchester’s gaydio

FYI Radio (gay youth radio) - online (currently only podcast but soon to grow to a fully fledged station)

Pinke Radio - Online:


Entertainment and documentaries

Saturday 20th
BBC1 - 1pm: Racing and Showjumping. Clare Balding presents
BBC1 - 5.40: Hole in the Wall. Best bits
BBC1 - 6.40 & 9: Strictly Come Dancing. Final
BBC1 - 8.10: Casualty. Toby and Ben sub-plot
BBC2 - 11am: Dr Who: The Infinite Quest. Animated version
ITV1 - 4.30pm: Britannia High Behind the Scenes
ITV1 - 5.30: Britannia High Finale
ITV2 - 10.55am: Britannia High
C4 - 6.55pm: Come Dine with Me Christmas Special
Living - 9am: The Golden Girls
Living - 6pm: Will and Grace
Watch - 8: Dr Who

Sunday 21st
BBC2 - 1pm: Showjumping. Clare Balding. Not jumping
BBC2 - 10.50pm: Graham Norton Uncut. Repeat with even more rude bits
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who. Followed by Dr Who Confidential
ITV1 - 12.15: Britain’s Love Story. George Best and a taboo marriage
ITV2 - 11.55am: Britannia High Finale
ITV2 - 7pm: I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here Coming Out Special. Not that kind of coming out
ITV2 - 8pm: Xtra Factor: The Winner’s Story
C4 - 9pm: The Sunday Night Christmas Project. Alan Carr returns. Simon Pegg is guest presenter
C4 - 10: The Charlotte Church Nutcracking Christmas Special. Ooh Matron! Rhydian sings
C4 - 12.15: Rufus Wainwright. Interviewed by Elvis Costello
More4 - 5pm: Come Dine with Me. Christmas double Omnibus
More4 - 10: The Pregnant Man. Thomas Beatie lives out his pregnancy on camera
Living - 9am: The Golden Girls
Living - 3.55am: Queer Eye…
Sky Arts - 12noon: What the Dickens? Sandi Toksvig presents
Biography - 10pm: Lindsay Lohan
Biography - 11: Drew Barrymore

Monday 22nd
BBC1 - 9pm: QI. It’s not a repeat
BBC2 - TOTP2. Hotch-potch leading up to a Christmas revival. Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud
BBC3 - 7.10pm: Dr Who
BBC4 - 10.30pm: The Crooked House. One man ghost show written and starring Mark Gatiss
ITV1 - 10.30: Christmas Cooks Challenge. Corrie’s Anthony Cotton guests
ITV2 - 6.25: Cinderella. Panto with Julian Clary
C4 - 2.15pm: Come Dine with Me Extra Portions. Compilation from previous series
E4 - 2.10am: Shameless
Gold - 11.50: The Thin Blue Line
Living - 3 &7pm: Will and Grace
Biography - 11am: Drew Barrymore

Tuesday 23rd
BBC1 - 11am: Buy it? Sell it? Kristian Digby when there was a property market
BBC1 - 9pm: Survivors. Last in series
BBC3 - 7: Dr Who
BBC4 - 10.30: Crooked House
BBCHD - 11.35: Hotel Babylon
ITV1 - 8pm: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Charity celeb special includes Anthony Cotton and Austin Healey
C4 - 2.15pm: Come Dine with Me Extra Portions
C4 - 10pm: Alan Carr’s Christmas Ding Dong Panto
C4 - 10.50: Shameless (rpt)
E4 - 1.10am: Skins
More4 - 8pm: Celebrity Come Dine with Me
More4 - 9: Christmas Come Dine with Me
Living - 3,7pm &1am: Will and Grace

Wednesday 24th - Christmas Eve
BBC2 - 11.15pm: TOTP2 Features Cyndi Lauper and Culture Club
BBC4 - 10.30pm: Crooked House
ITV2 - 1.30pm: Aladdin. All star panto led by Julian Clary
ITV2 - 3: Cinderella. Clary again
C4 - 12noon: George Michael Live
C4 - 3.30pm: Come Dine with Me Extra Portions
C4 - 11.10: Charlotte Church Nutcracking again.
C4 - 12.10am: George Michael Live
E4 - 11.35: Alan Carr’s Christmas Ding Dong
E4 - 1.25: Shameless
Living - 10am & 7pm & 1am: Will and Grace
Sky Arts1 - 6pm: Rufus Wainwright sings Judy Garland
Sky Arts1 - 7.30pm: What the Dickens? Arts quiz with Sandi Toksvig
Biography - 6.30am: Dirk Bogarde

Thursday 25th - Christmas Day
BBC1 - 2pm: Top of the Pops Christmas Special.
BBC1 - 7: Dr Who
BBC2 - 6pm: Maestro: The Inside Story. Highlights of the celebrity conductor competition
BBC2 - 12.55am: TOTP 2. With Erasure
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who Confidential
BBC3 - 7.15: Dr Who Top 5 Christmas Moments
ITV1 - 3.10pm: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Now that we know about Dumbledore!
ITV1 - 10.30: Stanley Baxter Now and Then. For those of us who remember who he is
C4 - 10.30am & 12.40pm: George Michael Live
C$ - 10.35pm: Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy Live
More4 - 12.50pm: Come Dine with Me Christmas
More4 - 7.55: To Be or Not To Be…In Shakespeare. Ian McKellen on performing Shakespeare
More4 - 9: King Lear. Played by Ian McKellen
More4 - 12midnight: Othello. With Ian McKellen
Living - 10am & 7pm & 1am: Will and Grace
Watch - 9am: Dr Who
Sky Arts1 - 1.30pm: What the Dickens
Sky Arts1 - 2pm: Queen

Friday 26th - Boxing Day
BBC2 - 10.10: The Signalman. Spooky Dickens story with Denholm Elliott
BBC2 - 12.40am: TOTP2 Grace Jones first time round
BBCHD - 10.50pm: Beautiful People
C4 - 12.30pm & 12.15am: George Michael Live
C4 - 3.35: Come Dine with Me
Dave - 9pm: QI
Living - 10am & 3 & 7pm: Will and Grace
Sky Arts1 - 11.30pm: What the Dickens?
Biography - 6am: Frankie Howerd
Biography - 6.30: Kenneth Williams

Film and drama
Saturday 20th
ITV3 - 1.10 &10.30pm: Up Pompeii! Frankie Howerd and Patrick Cargill go: “Ooh, matron!”
TCM - 11.05am: For Me and My Gal. Busby Berkely musical with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

Sunday 21st
BBC2 - 2am: Wild River. Depression drama starring Montgomery Clift
BBC3 - 8pm: Finding Nemo. Animated fish heartbreaker with the voice of Ellen de Generes among others
Film4 - 11.20pm: All about my Mother. Aladóvar
Screen1 - 6pm: Hairspray

Monday 22nd
C4 - 7.30am: Big Top Pee Wee
Classics - 4.45pm: Romeo and Juliet. 1968 Zeffirelli version
Sky Indie - 7.55pm: Volver. Almadóvar
Film 4 - 1pm: All about Eve

Tuesday 23rd
Comedy - 1.30pm: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Modern Greats - 10.45am & 8pm: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Come up to my lab and see what’s on the slab!
BBC four - 10.30pm: Crooked House (episode 2)
Film4 - 11.15pm: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Luhrman version
Indie - 9am: Fire. Indian lesbian drama

Wednesday 24th - Christmas Eve
C4 - 12.05pm: Freaky Friday. Stars Jodie Foster
Classics - 1.55pm & 2.35am: Some Like it Hot
Indie - 8.25pm: Notes on a Scandal. Controversial melodrama starring Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench

Thursday 25th - Christmas Day
Indie - 12midnight: Boys Don’t Cry

Friday 26th - Boxing Day
BBC2 - 11.50am: The Importance of Being Earnest
BBC2 - 1.25: South Pacific
BBC2 - 5.55: Nicholas Nickleby. Camp version with Dame Edna and Alan Cumming
Modern Greats - 12.50am: Wilde
Film4 - 12.40am: All about My Mother

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