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LGBT related Radio and TV Programmes, 18th - 24th April

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Some of the radio programmes listed below can be listened to again via the Listen Again facility of the BBC's website while some of the television programmes will remain available also for a week on the BBC's iplayer.

Please also note that Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour contains a lot of relevant content and is generally LGBT friendly, but a lot of its output is not available to us before we put this on the site. For the latest Woman’s Hour stuff, subscribe to the programme's newsletter here.

Saturday 18th
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Pick of the Pops. Dale Winton. 1968 & 1981
BBC Radio 2 - 8pm: Paul Gambaccini. US Hits
BBC Radio 4 - 10: Excess Baggage. Sandi Toksvig
BBC Radio 4 - 4pm: Weekend Woman’s Hour. Highlights
BBC Radio 4 - 6.15: Loose Ends. Jason Donovan on Priscilla
BBC Radio 4 - 11: Counterpoint. Paul Gambaccini presents the music buffs’ quiz
6 Music - 12midnight: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson

Sunday 19th
BBC Radio 2 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady. Lively words and music show
BBC Radio 4 - 8.30: Last Word. Weekly obituary that has included LGBT figures in the past

Monday 20th
BBC Radio 4 - 1.30pm: Counterpoint
BBC Radio 4 - 3.45: Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen’s Men of Fashion. Cary Grant
BBC Radio 4 - 6.30: The Unbelievable Truth. Panel game. Sue Perkins guests

Tuesday 21st
BBC Radio 2 - 10.30pm: Blonde on Blonde. Mariella Frostrup on Marylin Monroe. 2/3
BBC Radio 2 - 11.30: Hollywood Charmers. Michael York on Errol Flynn 2/4
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Great Lives. David Mellor discusses Thomas Beecham with Matthew Parris

Thursday 23rd
BBC Radio 2 - 10pm: Clive Anderson’s Chat Room. Topical debate with Clive Anderson and guests – of which one may be LGBT
BBC Radio 4 - 11pm: The Personality Test. Guests include Sue Perkins

Friday 24th
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Last Word. Obituaries. LGBT content unknown
6 Music - 7pm: Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 7pm: Round the Horne

Galaxy North East
Monday-Friday 4-7pm: James Barr

BBC Radio Manchester - 95.1 and online
Every Monday 8pm: The Gay Hour, Ashley Byrne and Andrew Edwards

BBC London - 94.9 and online
Monday РFriday 3-5pm: Danny Baker. With Amy Lam̩ or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio - Brighton, London DAB and online 24/7

Manchester’s gaydio

FYI Radio (gay youth radio) - online (currently only podcast but soon to grow to a fully fledged station)

Last Tuesday of the month - 6pm
Out in South London - local LGBT radio show with Rosie Wilby and guests
Listen online at


Entertainment and documentaries

Saturday 18th
BBC1 - 6.55pm: Tonight’s the Night. BBC’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent is presented by John Barrowman 1/6 It’s on HD at the same time
BBC2 - 10.25pm: Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Christopher Biggins guests (rpt)
BBC3 - 7pm: Snog, Marry, Avoid? Like Gay, Straight or Taken? this is “Why, oh Why?” television
Fiver - 11.40pm: Gay, Straight or Taken. See above
Watch - 8pm: Dr Who
Watch - 9: Torchwood
Living - 11am: Will and Grace

Sunday 19th
BBC2 - 10.50pm: The Graham Norton Show Uncut
C4 - 8pm: Come Dine with Me
More4 - 5.50pm: Come Dine with Me
Fiver - 11.40pm: Gay, Straight or Taken?
Watch - 9am: Dr Who
Living - 11am: Will & Grace
Sky Arts1 - 2.30pm: Pet Shop Boys

Monday 20th
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
C4 - 8.30am: Frasier
C4 - 9: Will and Grace
C4 - 10: Brothers and Sisters
C4 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady. Lady Gaga guests
Five - 10.45: Trish. Lesbian daughter crisis
ITV3 - 7.05am: Jeeves and Wooster. Stars Stephen Fry
Dave - 9pm: QI
Fiver - 6am: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Living - 3pm: Grey’s Anatomy
Sky Arts - 11pm: What the Dickens? Presented by Sandi Toksvig

Tuesday 21st
BBC2 - 8pm: The Speaker. John Amaechi is one of the judges in a teenage public speaking competition 3/8
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
C4 - 8.30am: Frasier
C4 - 9: Will and Grace
C4 - 9.55: Brothers and Sisters
C4 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady
C4 - 8: Gok’s Fashion Fix. Gok Wan tells women what to wear 2/8
C4 - 10: Shameless
E4 - 11pm: Shameless
More4 - 9pm: Come Dine with Me
Dave - 10.20pm: QI
Dave - 11: Graham Norton
Fiver - 6am: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Gold - 11.10pm: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Sky Arts1 - 12.35pm: What the Dickens?
Bio - 11am & 3pm: Mae West

Wednesday 22nd
BBC2 - 8: The Speaker. John Amaechi among the judges
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who. Followed by Dr Who Confidential
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
ITV3 - 7.40am: Jeeves and Wooster
C4 - 8.30am: Frasier
C4 - 9: Will and Grace
C4 - 10: Brothers and Sisters
C4 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady. Eddie Izzard guests
C4 - 11: Shameless (rpt)
Gold - 12.50am: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Fiver - 6am: Ellen DeGeneres
Watch - 9: Torchwood
Living - 8pm: Grey’s Anatomy
Sky Arts1 - 1.20am: What the Dickens?

Thursday 23rd
BBC2 - 10pm: The Graham Norton Show
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who. Followed by Dr Who Confidential
BBC4 and HD - 10pm: Crooked House (rpt) only in one episode is there a gay character
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
ITV1 - 10.30: This Morning. John Barrowman guests
ITV2 - 7pm: All Star Mr and Mrs. Stars Julie Goodyear and Christopher Biggins
C4 - 8.30am: Frasier
C4 - 9: Will and Grace
C4 - 10: Brothers and Sisters
C4 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady
More4 - 10pm: Brothers and Sisters
Gold - 11pm: Gimme Gimme Gimme
Fiver - 6am: the Ellen DeGeneres Show
Watch - 6pm: Dr Who
Watch - 7: Torchwood
Living - 10pm: Grey’s Anatomy
Sky1 - 11.25pm: What the Dickens?

Friday 24th
BBC4 - 7.30: Spartacus. Breathtaking ballet
BBCHD - 12.45am: Beautiful People
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV
ITV1 - 7.30 & 8.30pm: (ITV2 at 11pm) Coronation Street. Jonathan Harvey scripts
C4 - 8.30am: Frasier
C4 - 9: Will & Grace
C4 - 10: Brothers and Sisters
C4 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady
Fiver - 6am: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Sky1 - 12.25pm: What the Dickens?

Film and drama
Saturday 18th
BBC4 - 9pm: Let’s Get Lost. Bruce Weber ‘88 bio-pic of Chet Baker
ITV3 - 11.40am: Some Like it Hot. “Well, we can’t all be perfect.”

Sunday 19th
ITV3 - 9.40am: Some Like it Hot
TCM - 11.55pm: The Sergeant. Rod Steiger plays a gay army sergeant in this powerful 1968 drama. Unable to come to terms with his love for a soldier, he bullies him

Monday 20th
E4 - 10.30pm: First Wives’ Club. Stars Bette Middler
Indie - 10pm: Boys Don’t Cry

Wednesday 22nd
Comedy - 3 & 11.40pm: Carry on Columbus
Family - 2am: Anna and the King. Jodie Foster plays governess

Thursday 23rd
Film4 - 9pm: The Talented Mr Ripley

Friday 24th
Film4 - 9pm: East is East
Modern Greats - 10pm: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Pull your knees in tight
Comedy - 8pm: St Trinians. Rupert Everett as headmistress
Family - 1.15 & 8pm: Hairspray

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