Monday, May 4, 2009

LGBT related Radio and TV Programmes, 2nd - 8th May

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Owt on’t’telly?
A round up of LGBT progs and personalities on British TV.

Male eye candy comes from the unlikeliest of places. Viewers of English Heritage on BBC2 at 9pm Friday features two human models posing for a sculpture of two Greek Gods for Kenilworth House in Warwickshire. Saturday night on BBC4 has a special on 60’s singer/songwriter Long John Baldry. Elton John wrote Someone Saved My Life Tonight about Baldry after coming out to him. It airs at 11.55pm. More4 repeats The Gangster and the Pervert Peer at 10pm Saturday, delving into the dirt around Lord Boothby, Tom Driberg and Ronnie Kray.

Sky Arts 1 has a package called Sunday Night Hijack on Sunday at 8pm, in which an arts personage selects the evening’s programmes. This week it’s sleeve designer Peter Saville and his choices include Pet Shop Boys, Gilbert and George, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jeff Koons. Could he be trying to say something?

C4 repeats its schools and colleges programme Coming out to Class, presented by QBoy, on Tuesday at 11.55am. Big Gay Prom is reshown on C4 Wednesday and Thursday at 11.10.

Die-hard John Barrowman fans can see him as a hunky doctor in the appalling My Family on BBC1 at 8pm Thursday. On the same evening, Joan Rivers guests on The Graham Norton Show at 10pm on BBC2.

John Barrowman anchors Tonight’s the Night on Saturday at 7pm. Norton Uncut Sunday 11pm BBC2. Frasier 8.30am, Will & Grace 9, Paul O’Grady 5pm weekdays C4. Shameless 10pm Tuesday C4 and at other times and on other places. ITV’s four part series Boy Meets Girl features Rachael Stirling and Martin Freedman as a couple who change bodies after being struck by lightning 9pm Friday

Virgin1 airs Flawless on Saturday at 9pm. Robert DeNero plays a homophobic security guard who has a stroke and is rescued and resuscitated by a drag queen. X2 is on Saturday night ITV1 at 9.20. The original X-Men is at 9.40 on the Family Channel. The now-dated but hard-hitting AIDS tragedy Philadelphia is on Fiver at 8.30pm Friday.

Three Carry-ons: Screaming 1.50pm ITV1 Saturday; Again Doctor 5.30pm BBC2 Sunday; Dick Film4 3.05pm Thursday; and Up Pompeii ITV3 9pm Sunday. Prick up Your Ears; Stephen Frears’ bio-pic of Joe Orton, is on Film4 1.10am Thursday night. The Family Channel airsHairspray 6pm Wednesday and St Trinians 10pm Friday

Some of the radio programmes listed below can be listened to again via the Listen Again facility of the
BBC's website while some of the television programmes will remain available also for a week on the BBC's iplayer.

Please also note that Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour contains a lot of relevant content and is generally LGBT friendly, but a lot of its output is not available to us before we put this on the site. For the latest Woman’s Hour stuff, subscribe to the programme's newsletter here.

Saturday 2nd
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Pick of the Pops. Dale Winton. 1974 & 1989
BBC Radio 2 - 6: Going out with Alan Carr
BBC Radio 2 - 8: Paul Gambaccini. US Hits
BBC Radio 4 - 10am: Excess Baggage. Sandi Toksvig
BBC Radio 4 - 10.30: Reasons to Be Cheerful. Stephen K. Amos on how things have got better since the 1970s
BBC Radio 4 - 12.30: News Quiz. Sandi Toksvig again
BBC Radio 4 - 4pm: Weekend Woman’s Hour. Highlights
BBC Radio 4 - 6.15: Loose Ends
BBC Radio 4 - 11: Counterpoint. Paul Gambaccini presents the music buffs’ quiz
6 Music - 12midnight: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson

Sunday 3rd
BBC Radio 2 - 5pm: Paul O’Grady. Lively words and music show
BBC Radio 4 - 6.05: Something Understood. Includes lines by Walt Whitman
BBC Radio 4 - 8.30: Last Word. Weekly obituary that has included LGBT figures in the past

Monday 4th
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Exceptional in the Eighties. Richard Allinson on Madonna, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys and George Michael. Interesting choice
BBC Radio 4 - 1.30pm: Counterpoint
BBC Radio 4 - 8pm: France’s Forgotten Concentration Camps

Tuesday 7th
BBC Radio 4 - 9.30: Head to Head. Edward Stourton remembers Gore Vidal’s debate with Clive James over Christianity and freedom of thought from the 1970s
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Great Lives. Colin Murray discusses Frank Sinatra with Matthew Parris
BBC Radio 4 - 11: The Secret World. Comedy starring Jon Culshaw 3/6

Friday 8th
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Last Word. Obituaries. LGBT content unknown
BBC Radio 4 - 6.30: The News Quiz. Sandi Toksvig and Sue Perkins
6 Music - 7pm: Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 7pm: Round the Horne

Galaxy North East
Monday-Friday 4-7pm: James Barr

BBC Radio Manchester - 95.1 and online
Every Monday 8pm: The Gay Hour, Ashley Byrne and Andrew Edwards

BBC London - 94.9 and online
Monday РFriday 3-5pm: Danny Baker. With Amy Lam̩ or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio - Brighton, London DAB and online 24/7

Manchester’s gaydio

FYI Radio (gay youth radio) - online (currently only podcast but soon to grow to a fully fledged station)

6pm (last Tuesday of the month)
Out in South London - local LGBT radio show with Rosie Wilby and guests
Listen online at


Anonymous said...

I would like to congratulate the LGBT History Month Team for compiling the excellent list of LGBT broadcasting highlights each week.

We have come a long way in media access from the early 1980's, when London's LWT aired a half-our "Gay Life" programme in the London ITV region only in the middle of the night, and the small radical pirate station Our Radio aired "Gaywaves" magazine programme once weekly, between GPO raids.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have a few additional listings for the radio part of the guide:

Gay Internet Radio Live (G.I.R.L.) is on the air 24 hours a day with dance music from the US at

Wythenshaw 97.2 FM, a community radio station, airs a lesbian and gay radio magazine programme once weekly, according to Out North West Magazine published by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester.

Chorley FM (community radio station on 102.8 FM locally and online at also has an LGBT magazine programme.