Thursday, June 25, 2009

Queering Asia

Asia is set to become the new dominant economic and cultural pole in the next few decades. There remains many questions about human rights in that part of the world, particularly when it comes to LGBT rights.

It is therefore interesting to see, 40 years after the Stonewall Riots that kick-started the movement, a blossoming of Pride events across the far east.

Earlier this month, Shanghai organised China's first ever Pride event which lasted a week. Despite the fact that homosexuality is not illegal in China, it is still not accepted socially and the government felt obliged to ask the event's organisers to tone things down and no public event took place. Read an AFP article here.

At the same time, India, where homosexuality is still illegal, thanks to the British inherited Section 377, will see Pride celebrations in the 5 biggest cities. This follows a massive growth in LGBT visibility and support throughout the country.
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