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LGBT related Radio and TV Programmes, 15th - 21st August

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Some of the programmes listed below will be available online on the respective network's websites.


Owt on’t’telly?

A round up of LGBT progs and personalities on British TV.

BBC1 maintains the tradition that there has to be a gay man on the Saturday night schedules with a new series called Walk on the Wild Side at 5.50pm. This comedy tries to re-invoke the days of Animal Magic and one of the voice-overs is Stephen Fry. Also on Saturday at 10.15 BBC2 repeats the Have I Got News for You episode in which Alan Duncan puts his foot into his own mouth and Brian Blessed is just plain frightening. Handel in The Proms at 8.45on BBC2. The same channel broadcasts the Edinburgh Festival round-up, at 11.55pm. Watch is besieged with Dr Who and Torchwood all evening. Biodoes Kenneth Williams and Frankie Howerd 7-8pm.
C4’s Chatty Man at 10pm guests Jack Dee. E4 repeats Ugly Betty on Sunday at 6pm.

4’s BB continues to keep all its LGB housemates. Alan Carr is repeated on Chatty Man on C4 at 12.50 Saturday. The Wire 11.20pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on BBC2. Ugly Betty on C4 at 10pm Wednesday and Skins at 11 on Wednesday. A repeat of Kingdom, with Stephen Fry, is on ITV1 at 9pm Friday.
Usually there’s some LGBT content on The Big Questions on BBC1 on Sunday morning at 10am. Ellen is on Fiver every weekday morning at 6. Come Dine with Me at 5.30pm on C4. Dr Who on BBC3 every evening at 7, QI on Dave and Will & Grace onLiving every day.

<Hairspray on Comedy at 6pm Saturday. Campness reins in Clash of the Titans on Five at 5.45pm Sunday, plus The Bourne Ultimatum at 9.40pm onModern Greats and Psycho on Classics at 10.50pm. The gruesome Deliver Us from Evil on More4 at 10pm Tuesday, plus James Dean in Rebel without a Cause on TCM at 6.55pm. Mamma Mia! on Comedy at 8pm Wednesday.

Please also note that Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour contains a lot of relevant content and is generally LGBT friendly, but a lot of its output is not available to us before we put this on the site. For the latest Woman’s Hour stuff, subscribe to the programme's newsletter here.

Saturday 15th
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Dale Winton’s Pick of the Pops 66 and 74
BBC Radio 2 - 8: Paul Gambaccini’s US hits
BBC Radio 2 - 10: The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. It’s the 40th anniversary of everything this year isn’t it?
BBC Radio 4 - 6.15pm: Loose Ends
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30: Tennyson: Poetry Please

Sunday 16th
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Elaine Page
BBC Radio 2 - 3: Sounds of the 70s. Johnnie Walker on T Rex
BBC Radio 2 - 9: Russell Davies. Wizard of Oz
BBC Radio 4 - 7.05am: Sunday. Religious programme that often deals with LGBT issues
BBC Radio 4 - 12.02pm: Just a Minute. Stephen Fry
BBC Radio 4 - 8.30: Last Word. Weekly obituary that has included LGBT figures in the past

Monday 17th
BBC Radio 4 - 6.30: Just a Minute. Kit Hesketh-Harvey guests
BBC Radio 4 - 10.45: Book at Bedtime: The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale

Tuesday 18th
BBC Radio 4 - 9am: Fry’s English Delight. Stephen Fry on English usage
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30pm: Great Lives. George Galloway on Spanish Civil War hero John Cornford. With Matthew Parris
BBC Radio 4 - 10.45: Book at Bedtime: The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale

Wednesday 19th
BBC Radio 4 - 6.30pm: The Odd Half Hour. Stephen K Amos
BBC Radio 4 - 10.45: Book at Bedtime: The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale

Thursday 20th
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30am: Henry Cyril Paget: Lord of the Dance
BBC Radio 4 - 10.45pm: Book at Bedtime: The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale

Friday 21st
BBC Radio 4 - 4pm: Last Word
BBC Radio 4 - 4.30: The Film Programme. Almadóvar and Broken Embraces
BBC Radio 4 - 10.45: Book at Bedtime: The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale
6 Music - 7pm: Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 7pm: Round the Horne


For a global classification of queer radio on line:,52,78 and
Gay Internet Radio Live (G.I.R.L.) is on the air 24 hours a day with dance music from the US at

Wythenshaw 97.2 FM, a community radio station, airs a lesbian and gay radio magazine programme once weekly, according to Out North West Magazine published by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester. Podcast

GayRadio-UK is a new online radio station in Blackpool and promises a variety of LGBT programming. The audio stream is at Guests iunclude lesbian actress Amanda Barrie, gay icon Su Pollard and radical actor Richie Tomlinson. Daily programmes are uploaded at the most popular gay podcast site on the net, Feast of Fun, with a speech based programme of LGBT guests, news digest and light-hearted discussion.

Galaxy North East
Monday-Friday 4-7pm: James Barr

BBC Radio Manchester - 95.1 and online
Every Monday 8pm: The Gay Hour, Ashley Byrne and Andrew Edwards

BBC London - 94.9 and online
Monday РFriday 3-5pm: Danny Baker. With Amy Lam̩ or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio - Brighton, London DAB and online 24/7

Manchester’s gaydio

FYI Radio (gay youth radio) - online (currently only podcast but soon to grow to a fully fledged station)

Last Tuesday of the month - 6pm
Out in South London - local LGBT radio show with Rosie Wilby and guests
Listen online at

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