Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Day In Hand launches same-sex hand holding Saturdays

Sshh! Saturdays will then occur on the last Saturday of every month as a way of encouraging and inspiring LGBT people to take responsibility for their equality and live their lives without fear or restraint. Everyone is invited to lock hands: gay or straight, all faiths, genders, races, abilities, single or in a relationship. Celebrities such as Brian Paddick, Boy George, Paul Burston, Michael Cashman MEP, Mayor Boris Johnson, 4 Poofs and a Piano, and activists Peter Tatchell and Cleve Jones (Harvey Milk’s aide) have already endorsed the A Day In Hand campaign

The first ever international same-sex hand holding (Sshh!) Saturday will take place on September 26th. On this day, same-sex couples and friends all over the world are encouraged to hold hands in public to support the visibility of lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) people.

The first same-sex hand holding Saturday is dedicated to the victims of the recent shootings at a Gay & Lesbian centre in Tel Aviv and those of the ongoing atrocities being committed in Iraq.

People taking part are encouraged to have their photo taken holding hands and send them to for inclusion on the Day in Hand website.

David Watkins says, “Sshh! Saturdays aim to ultimately create safer spaces for LGBT people. As the idea of Sshh! Saturdays grow in popularity and spread across the world, the last Saturday of every month will become a day of support for LGBT people who want to show their commitment in public.”

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4 Poofs and a Piano recreating the Beatles famous hand-holding LP cover in Abbey Road.

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