Friday, April 9, 2010

Equality Bill Becomes Law

With days to spare, the Equality Bill has gone through the House of Commons and that means it will now become the Equality Act.

Although the Lords knocked out the bit barring faith groups from refusing to employ LGBT people on the grounds of ethos, the rest remains intact. This includes the Economic Duty and Positive action, as well as giving same sex couples the right to celebrate their civil partnerships in religious premises.

The Bill will begin to take effect in the autumn and will be implemented in full over the next three years

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George said...

I know the equality act is not perfect, but i still think it is another step forward for equality. The issue for me is reflected in many of the replies and that is one of understanding and empathy.

I work in the equalities area and i am constantly coming across homophobic ideas expressed openly. When challenged I am met with surprise and indignation. I have just read a converstaive part thread ( ) and the discussion is lettered with phrases such as abnormal and immoral etc. To me the issue is about educationg and as well as having the stick of the legislation to use.