Thursday, June 28, 2007

LGBT History Month Report 2007

LGBT History Month 2007 logoThe report on the organisation of LGBT History Month 2007 is now available here together with reports on the previous years.

Also available are shorter reports provided to us by local organisations highlighting their own activities in the celebration of our history. The reports are important tools for securing the financial support indispensable to the on going existence of the Month. We hope that the reports can be a source of information and inspiration for organisations wanting to get involved in the celebration of the Month.

This year's report traces the evolution and success of the Month while highlighting some of the events which took place this February and how the mainstream media is warming to the idea of celebrating LGBT lives and achievements. The document also looks foward to the future by outlining planned developments, especially in respect of the online presence of the Month.

We are assured that LGBT History Month is now a fundamental - and increasingly mainstream - event; not just in the sphere of education but throughout the entire public sector. Its central aim - which is to make lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people visible in our present and in our past - remains crucial.

Now that we are becoming part of the mainstream, we can also stake our claim to inspire others in the field of LGBT equality. LGBT History Month has had a great impact: on the LGBT community; on LGBT equality; on helping inform Government policy; and on inspiring other stakeholders to take initiatives and realise ideas and dreams.

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