Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Press for Change Podcasts

From the Press for Change website:
As readers will know, I am a keen promoter of online audio content as an innovative way of making events and people's ideas widely accessible within communities like ours. We recently made the whole of the 2007 SOGIAG Stakeholder Conference available in this way, for instance -- a technique that can easily double or treble the audience for an event like that and make it accessible to people who otherwise couldn't attend.

Quite apart from that straightforward documentary angle, however, I'm also very keen about using the medium to promote the voices of important figures in our communities too. For trans people this is especially important, given that mainstream media allows us only limited roles -- mostly as victims -- and otherwise renders us invisible. That's why I'm progressively taking any opportunity that comes along to interview people in ways that present a more complete picture

Many more newly produced interviews and presentations are online today -- adding four interviews with significant US figures and a full 30 minute presentation of mine on contemporary campaign issues, as delivered at last Saturday's Transgender 2007 conference in Norwich.

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Stephen Whittle OBE

Speaks Candidly about more than 30 years as a campaigning trans man

With over 30 years of close involvement with the trans community; a decade and a half as an academic; honours, awards and international recognition as a rights campaigner, the public face of Professor Stephen Whittle OBE is well documented. Yet surprisingly little is known by most people about the private life of this immensely committed family man, in a loving relationship that’s matured for three decades and which has brought him four remarkable children.

In this intimately biographical interview I set out to obtain a candid personal account of Stephen’s background - his childhood, transition, studying law, being an activist, marriage to Sarah, Multiple Sclerosis and his hopes for the future.

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