Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Sex Life of Us

Fifty years after the Wolfenden Report, BBC Radio 4 presents a two weeks series of programmes exploring sexuality in Modern Britain. The season encompasses a wide range of regulare Radio 4 programmes, from Front Row to Case Notes and Book at Bedtime, Woman's Hour to Thinking Aloud and Am I Normal, but there are also specially commissioned features.

The full list of programmes can be seen here.


The Sex Lives of Us: Gay Times

Two men kiss to celebrate their civil partnershipTo mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Wolfenden Report, a landmark in the history of gay rights, Tom Robinson explores the portrayal of homosexuality in the media.

In the first of this two part series Robinson, who made his name in the seventies with the song Glad To Be Gay, looks back from the late fifties to the early seventies and examines where the media sometimes led and lagged behind the public in its representation of gay people via newspapers, television, books, music and film.

With contributions from A Taste of Honey actor Murray Melvin, broadcaster Paul Gambaccini and author of The Microcosm Maureen Duffy.

Part 1
11.30am, Thursday 13th September 2007

Part 2
11.30am, Thursday 20th September 2007


The Sex Lives of Us: Moving Out

When a wife discovers her husband is gay, they are typically left feeling betrayed, confused and isolated. Often there follow revelations of further lies and deceits - which may have spanned years of marriage life.

While husbands will probably start a new chapter in their lives as openly gay men, their wives are frequently left alone, caring for the children of a marriage that for some appears to have been a sham.

Sheila McClennon talks to the married men who've struggled to come to terms with their sexuality – and the wives left to pick up the pieces.

11.00am, Monday 17th September 2007


The Sex Life of Us
BBC Radio 4
10th - 22nd September 2007


Anonymous said...

Is it somewhere in the Internet? I'd love to listen it.

Paul Patrick said...

You will need to contact the BBC I am afraid. They may have copies avalable.