Sunday, November 11, 2007

Additions to the LGBT History Month Website

We are always working to improve the website and make it more interesting and user-friendly and to bring you the information you want. We have just gone live with two new facilities to make the site more interactive.

A few weeks ago, a new button appeared on the front page of our website, giving you access to our new forum. Visitors are invited to leave comments and talk to each other, to seek advice on the organising of events, find guests ideas and contacts, raise topics for discussion, respond to a monthly poll and discuss anything and everything relating to LGBT History Month, its events and the people and issues it raises.

Our new calendar for History Month 2008 is now also online. This should enable individuals and organisations to advertise their events for the month and for members of the public to find out what will be happening near them. The calendar is fully searchable by date and location.

Last year we had over 800 events on the calendar, we expect many more this year.

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