Friday, April 4, 2008

Male Pregnancy

Last week the American LGBT magazine, The Advocate, published an article by Female to Male Trans man Thomas Beatie. In the article, Beatie, explains how he is now carrying his and his wife's child despite opposition from the medical world.

Having transitioned some years ago, Beatie is legally recognised as a man and has been able to marry his partner, Nancy. Beatie has undergone chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy while keeping his reproductive organs. Since Nancy Beatie is now unable to procreate, the couple have decided to have their child, a girl to be born in June this year, carried by Thomas. On 3rd of April, Beatie gave his first television interview to the Oprah Winfrey show.

This announcement of the pregnancy has create a huge amount of controversy and many column inches in the press. Headlines range from Is the pregnant man Thomas Beatie a hoax for April Fool's Day (Daily Mirror) to 'Pregnant' man stuns medical profession (The Telegraph) or 'Being a pregnant man? It's incredible' (The Guardian).

Christine Burns, the UK trans activist, has produced an episode of her equality and diversity podcast, Just Plain Sense, to tackle the issues linked to male pregnancy in depth, explain the legal and medical background, and pick away at some of the conclusions that people might jump to. This can be downloaded here.

Labor of Love - Is society ready for this pregnant husband? - The Advocate
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