Saturday, April 19, 2008

Proud Heritage Online Museum Launched

After three years of careful research and development, Proud Heritage, the national museum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and cultural ancestry, opened its doors online officially on 18 April. There was a special preview event for the public on the 14th which featured a biographic interview with Peter Tatchell.

During the event, organised in partnership with the Natural History Museum, Proud Heritage set out its future plans and unveiled its first public phase - a cutting edge online museum that breaks new ground, and not just for being queer!

Jack Gilbert, Executive Director commented,"Proud Heritage has already established itself as an expert agency in the heritage sector, now it is ready to go live. And now it needs public support. Find out how to give memory or memorabilia, how to
volunteer and how to become a Friend! Be Proud!"

Peter Tatchell said:"I regard it as a visionary project of critical importance for the integration of queer history and heritage into British cultural life."

The online museum is organised very simply into four "wings", each containing sections or galleries to explore. Members of the public are invited to give time and money to the project but perhaps more importantly, they can also give memories and materials to be included to the museum itself.

Proud Heritage

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