Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hidden Gay Hip-Hop Scene Revealed

cover of Hiding in Hip Hop by Terrance DeanTerrance Dean, a former executive at music channel MTV, has penned a memoir of his life and times in the hip hop industry as a gay man. It is an explosive exposé of a thriving gay subculture in an aggressively male business, where anti-gay lyrics and public homophobia are common.

[...] That gay hip hop subculture certainly seems to be thriving. Dean's book describes a world where many industry executives and some artists are leading secret gay lives, which are often obvious to everyone but rarely talked about. And, despite using some false names, the book contains enough information so that it will undoubtedly spark off a frenzy of speculation as to who some of the characters are in real life.

[...] Dean hopes that by bringing out his book he will allow a leading hip hop figure to come out as gay and thus pave the way for the notoriously homophobic industry to come to terms with its secret side.

[...] There are signs that things are changing. Several leading rap artists, including top seller Kanye West, have admitted that homophobia is rampant in the industry and they have spoken out against it. West had previously spoken out against gay lyrics. There are also a handful of openly gay rappers such as Deadlee, who has held national US tours of his music and appeared on television to talk about his sexuality.

Read the full article in the Guardian here.

Hiding In Hip-Hop, on the low-down in the entertainment industry - from music to Hollywood by Terrance Dean was released on 13 May in the USA and will be available on 17 July in the UK. Dean is also the author of a blog.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I completely agree on that.

There's way too many suckers out there that can't grasp.

In fact, I was fightin with my sort of friend babyjean yesterday about this, and
they wouldn't believe me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them this blog :)