Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teachers TV Tackles Homophobia

Tackling Homophobia WeekFor Tackling Homophobia Week, Teachers TV is airing a series of programmes which look at how schools can effectively support LGBT staff and students. Using personal stories the programmes highlight some of the issues young people and adults encounter at school because they are gay. These programmes and more are available to watch and download online for free from the website:

Highlights across the week include:

School Matters – Gay Teachers
In light of new guidance by the DCSF which tackles homophobic bullying of pupils and teachers, this programme investigates what it is really like to be a gay teacher in the UK, and whether there is an endemic culture of homophobia in schools.

Gay to Z
This 5 part series looks at the lives of a range of young people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). Each young person leads a very different life and faces different issues, some of which are related to their sexual orientation and others that are just part of growing up. This series talks with young people about how they have coped with homophobic bullying and challenges the assumptions people can make about sexuality.

Gloriously Free
Gloriously Free is the first documentary to explore the world of gay immigration. Follow five men as they desperately search to find a safe home outside their countries of birth where persecution and hatred of alternative lifestyles may lead to torture or death. What they find is Canada, leading the world as the safest haven for persecuted gays and lesbians.

Batty Man
Comedian and actor Stephen K Amos uses his own experiences as a black gay man to explore why homophobia still exists in his own community. This observational documentary follows Amos on a journey from his childhood homes in Brixton and Tooting, South London, all the way to Jamaica, where he tries to discover why prejudice, intimidation and violence against gay men remain so prevalent.

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