Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Write Queer London Competition

What does your queer London look like? And how does it compare with queer London of yesteryear?

The website www.untoldlondon.org.uk are launching a new annual queer history writing prize in association with Chroma Queer Arts Journal. The competition is entitled Write Queer London and accept submissions of stories, non-fiction and poems about queer London, past, present and future.

Where do lovers meet? What are some of the delights and dangers of queer London? Tell them those untoldtold stories of clubbing and dating, cruising and marching, loving and breaking up. Bring an alternate queer history of London alive.

What if Hadrian and Antinous had had a civil partnership in ancient Cheapside? Was there a thriving scene of African sailors and Indian lascars down at the docks in the 18th century? Take inspiration from museum collections as Marguerite Yourcenar did when she wrote her modern classic, Memoirs of Hadrian, after visiting the British Museum. Or don’t. Just make it up!

Stories and Non-fiction: no longer than 2500 words
Poems: no longer than 30 lines

Deadline: 8th January 2009
Entry Fee: £5
Prizes: £100 for winning story for each category (and £25 in book tokens from Gay is the Word bookshop)

More information here on the Untold London website. You can also download a flyer here (pdf file - 880Kb).

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