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LGBT related Radio and TV Programmes, 14th - 20th February

We seek them out so you don't have to. This is our weekly non-exhaustive round up of upcoming LGBT programmes on the radio and television. Inclusion of a programme is not a recommendation.

Some of the radio programmes listed below can be listened to again via the Listen Again facility of the BBC's website while some of the television programmes will remain available also for a week on the BBC's iplayer.

Please also note that Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour contains a lot of relevant content and is generally LGBT friendly, but a lot of its output is not available to us before we put this on the site. For the latest Woman’s Hour stuff, subscribe to the programme's newsletter here.

Saturday 14th
BBC Radio 2 - 1.05pm: Does the team Think? Julian Clary guests
BBC Radio 2 - 5pm: Paul Gambaccini. US hits
BBC Radio 4 - 9am: Saturday Live. Clare Balding
BBC Radio 4 - 10.30: …And the Award Goes to…Paul Gambaccini on how Crash beat Brokeback Mountain to Best Film.
BBC Radio 4 - 12.30pm: The News Quiz. Sandi Toksvig
BBC Radio 4 - 4pm: Weekend Woman’s Hour. Highlights
BBC Radio 4 - 5.30: The Bottom Line. Evan Davis
BBC Radio 4 - 6.15: Loose Ends. with Will Young
BBC Radio 4 - 7.15: Saturday Review. Morrissey’s new album
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30: Poetry Please. Features Carol Ann Duffy
6 Music - 12midnight: BBC Introducing. Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 9am & 8pm: Talking Heads. Alan Bennett

Sunday 15th
BBC Radio 2 - 1pm: Elaine Page. Show tunes and music. Includes Rocky Horror Picture Show
BBC Radio 2 - 2.30: Dale Winton’s Pick of the Pops ’59 and ‘87
BBC Radio 4 - 12.04pm: Just a Minute. Sue Perkins guests
BBC Radio 4 - 1.30: Fry’s English Delight. Stephen Fry on cliché
BBC Radio 7 - 10pm: The News Quiz

Monday 16th
BBC Radio 2 - 9.30am: Ken Bruce. Features Morrissey’s new album
BBC Radio 2 - 10.30pm: Viva Latino!
BBC Radio 4 - 8.30: The Bottom Line. Evan Davis (rpt)

Tuesday 17th
BBC Radio 2 - 10.30pm: Life with Lucy and Desi. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, presented by Ruby Wax
BBC Radio 4 - 9.30: Darwin: My Ancestor. Ruth Padel on her great great grandfather
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30: Talking about Lionel. Lionel Bart (rpt)

Wednesday 18th
BBC Radio 7 - 11pm: Eddie Izzard. Glorious

Thursday 19th
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30am: Blasted: The Life and Death of Sarah Kane
BBC Radio 4 - 11.30pm: Crossing Continents. The Gay Prince of Rajpipla. Coming out in Gujurat

Friday 20th
BBC Radio 4 - 6.30pm: The News Quiz. Sandi Toksvig presents.
6 Music - 7pm: Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 7 - 7pm: Round the Horne

Galaxy North East
Monday-Friday 4-7pm: James Barr

BBC Radio Manchester - 95.1 and online
Every Monday 8pm: The Gay Hour, Ashley Byrne and Andrew Edwards

BBC London - 94.9 and online
Sunday 9am-12noon: Lesley Joseph and Christopher Biggins
Monday РFriday 3-5pm: Danny Baker. With Amy Lam̩ or Baylen Leonard

Gaydar Radio - Brighton, London DAB and online 24/7

BBC Three Counties - online, Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, Northants., Suffolk
10pm-1am: Ern and Vern. Kenny Everett meets Round the Horn in a bucketful of innuendo

Manchester’s gaydio

FYI Radio (gay youth radio) - online (currently only podcast but soon to grow to a fully fledged station)


Entertainment and documentaries

Saturday 14th
BBC1 - 1.10am: Jonathan Ross. Morrissey (rpt)
BBC2 - 10: QI. Extended edition from last night
ITV1 - 9.55am: Dancing on Ice: The skate-off
ITV1 - 4.55pm: The Unforgettable Larry Grayson (rpt)
Living - 6pm & 12.30am: Will and Grace
Watch - 8pm: Dr Who
Watch - 9: Torchwood
Sky Arts1 - 2-7pm: What the Dickens? 10 episodes
Sky Arts2 - 7pm: The Art of Francis Bacon

Sunday 15th
BBC4 - 7pm: Stephen Fry in America. SW
BBC4 - 10.35: Mark Lawson Talks to Antony Sher
BBC HD - 10pm: Joan Armatrading at Glastonbury
ITV1 - 6.55 & 9.30pm: Dancing on Ice
C4 - 8pm: Celebrity Come Dine with Me. Currie feeds Biggins, and vice-versa
E4 - 10.55pm: Skins
More4 - 5.45pm: Come Dine with Me
Dave - 9pm: QI
Living - 3.30: Will & Grace
Watch - 5pm: Dr Who
Watch - 11.40pm: The Catherine Tate Show. Paul O’Grady appears as himself

Monday 16th
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who. Followed by Dr Who Confidential
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
ITV1 - 10.30: This Morning. With Ice-Queen Jason Gardiner
ITV2 - 7pm: All Star Family Fortunes. Brian Dowling and family
C4 - 9am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 9: The Gangster and the Pervert Peer. Looks into the relationship between the Krays, Labour MP Tom Driberg and Tory peer Lord Boothby, united by their fondness for men
Dave - 9pm: QI
Living - 7pm & 12midnight: Will and Grace

Tuesday 17th
BBC2 - 10pm: The Culture Show. Features Waiting for Godot with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
BBC3 - 7pm: Dr Who. Followed by Dr Who Confidential
BBC HD - 10.55pm: Torchwood
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
C4 - 9am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 10: Shameless
E4 - 11pm: Shameless
More4 - 9pm: Come Dine with Me
Watch - 9pm: Torchwood

Wednesday 18th
BBC2 - 9pm: Trouble in Amish Paradise. What happens to members of the Amish community when they dare to question the faith
BBC2 - 10: QI (rpt)
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
ITV1 - 8pm: The Brits. Will Young and The Pet Shop Boys are up for one
C4 - 9am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
C4 - 11.05: Shameless (rpt)
Dave - 11.40pm: Graham Norton
Living - 8pm: Grey’s Anatomy

Thursday 19th
BBC2 - 11.20pm: Explore: Sex and Religion in Manila. The RC Church challenges efforts to distribute condoms in the Philippine capital
BBC HD - 11pm: Beautiful People
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV. Richard Arnold
C4 - 9am: Will and Grace
C4 - 5.30pm: Come Dine with Me
E4 - 10pm: Skins
More4 - 10pm: Brothers and Sisters
Dave - 11pm: QI
Living - 10pm: Grey’s Anatomy
Bio - 6am & 12noon: Liza Minelli

Friday 20th
BBC1 - 9pm: QI
BBC1 - 10.35: Tonight with Jonathan Ross. Will Young
BBC2 - 11.35pm: The Culture Show Uncut. See Tuesday
BBC3 - 8.15pm: Dr Who
ITV1 - 6am: GMTV
C4 - 8.50am: Will & Grace
Watch - 4pm: Dr Who
Sky Arts1 - 5.55: Jodie Foster

Film and drama
Saturday 14th
BBC4 - 9pm: New Town. Off the wall murder mystery set in Edinburgh, with a pastiche of Gilbert and George
Sci-Fi - 9pm: X-Men
Indie - 12.05am: Boys Don’t Cry
Screen1 - 1.35pm: Romeo and Juliet. Zeffirelli’s 1968 version
Screen1 - 8: My Best Friend’s Wedding
Film4 - 5.35pm: Carry on Doctor
Film4 - 12.40am: Beautiful Thing

Sunday 15th
BBC4 - 9pm: The History Man. Antony Sher as serial womaniser
BBC4 - 11.35: Home. Starring Antony Sher
Family - 8pm: Hairspray
Indie - 6.25pm: Notes on a Scandal

Monday 16th
Classics - 12.45am: Psycho
Indie - 8pm: Infamous. Take on Truman Capote

Tuesday 17th
Sci Fi - 9pm: X-Men

Wednesday 18th
TCM - 9pm: Arthur. Brilliant performance from John Gielgud as the disdainful butler

Thursday 19th
Family - 8pm: Hairspray
Sci-Fi - 1.05am: Cat People

Friday 20th
Classics - 11pm: Psycho

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