Friday, February 12, 2010

Tatchell to speak at Anti-Vatican Rally

Peter Tatchell is to speak at a rally against the Pope's planned visit in London, this Sunday.

Timed to coincide with a demonstration against the Vatican and its influence in Italy, the rally is organised by those who want a secular Europe free of religious interference in its laws and its governance.

Program of the demonstration:

- Assemble: 1pm at Westminster Cathedral (Ambrosden Ave, by the side of the Cathedral)
- March: 2pm - 3pm from Westminster Cathedral to the Italian embassy
- Rally: 3pm - 5pm at the Italian embassy (Grosvenor square)

Speakers at the Italian embassy (3pm) :

* Bob Churchill (British Humanist Association),
* Derek Lennard (Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association)
* Maryam Namazie (One Law for All)
* Gerard Phillips (Protest The Pope)
* David Pollock (European Humanist Federation)
* Terry Sanderson (National Secular Society)
* Peter Tatchell (OutRage!)
* Josh Kutchinsky (Central London Humanist Group)

To meet for the rally, go to Westminster Cathedral (not Westminster Abbey) at 1pm on Sunday February 14th.

More details can be found on the Facebook Event or on this webpage.

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