Wednesday, February 24, 2010

United for Football v Homophobia

On Friday, community leaders and activists gathered together outside Manchester’s URBIS, the future home of the National Football Museum to show solidarity with the Justin Campaign’s Football v Homophobia Day.

Those endorsing the campaign include Sue Sanders, Co-Chair of Schools Out and LGBT History Month, Trevor Burchick MBE, Director of Pride Sports, Simon Smith of GFSN and Lou Englefield, UK Board member of European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation. Several staff from Manchester’s Lesbian and Gay Foundation also gave their support to the event.

Lindsay England, Justin Campaign volunteer explains why she feels it is essential that the campaign against homophobia in football is supported across the LGBT Community:

“Most of those who have turned out today are football fans, coaches, and players, but some are here to acknowledge the importance of a campaign tackling homophobia in football. Football is a sport with a huge influence on British society and an environment in which fans, coaches and players at all levels of the game continue to use homophobic abuse as a way to put each other down and wind up the opposition. Tackling homophobia in football will not end homophobia in the UK, but it is an important step to creating a just and inclusive society”

February 19, was launched this year as the International Day Opposing Homophobia in Football and follows the recent media debate around the FA’s cancelled launch of its ‘anti-homophobia film’.

The Justin Campaign has now received the support of Justin Fashanu's niece, Amal, 21.

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