Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Antony Grey Dies

Antony Grey
1927 - 2010

The veteran gay rights activist Antony Grey died on 30 April after a long illness.

In 1958 Antony Grey (real name: Anthony Edgar Gartside Wright) starting voluntary work for the Homosexual Law Reform Society (HLRS). He became the Society's Honorary Treasurer in 1960 and its Secretary by the end of 1962. At this time also he became Secretary of the Albany Trust. Grey campaigned tirelessly for the law reforms advocated by the Wolfenden report (1957), writing many articles, making numerous speeches to interested groups, lobbying MPs, and organising action to promote the passage of the (Arran/Abse) Sexual Offences Bill through Parliament until it became law in 1967.

In 1970 he became Secretary of the Sexual Law Reform Society - successor to the HLRS - and was Director of the Albany Trust from 1971 to 1977. Following his retirement from the Albany Trust in 1977, he was involved in counselling and training work and was for some years a member of the executive committee of the British Association for Counselling.

In 1998 Antony Grey was awarded the Pink Paper Lifetime Achievement Award. He became Stonewall Hero of the Year 2007.

His archives are in the custody of the Hall Carpenter Archives

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