Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teachers' Union launches homophobia surveys on IDAHO

The National Union of Teachers revealed the extent of homophobia in our schools on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Monday, May 17th.

The Prevalence of Homophobia surveys, which have been carried out in schools in the north west over the past 2 years, involve asking teachers about their experience of homophobia. The Oldham survey, for example, revealed that 98.8% of teachers had seen a homophobic incident, 57% had been on the receiving end of homophobia and 70% want teacher training on how to deal with homophobia.

Oldham NUT's Equalities Officer Jeff Evans, who began the surveys, said: "Why do we allow this child abuse to take place under our noses? Homophobia in our classrooms has become the elephant in the room."

There will be a series of launches to publicise the findings of these surveys in Liverpool, Salford and Oldham. For times and places, go to out sister site www.schools-out.org.uk.

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