Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pride Campaigner Wins Gong

A dedicated campaigner for LGBT Pride in Europe has been awarded a well-deserved MBE. Pride Solidarity founder and annual visitor to Pride celebrations in Europe Clare Dimyon received the honour “in recognition of her services to promoting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Central and Eastern Europe”.

Clare responds: I am only a visitor and witness to the PRIDE parades in C&E Europe and the determination of LGBT people (and their friends and families) to achieve their full human rights and dignity. I am delighted at this recognition for the LGBT people of C&E Europe, it is recognition and honour they richly deserve. I look forward to the day when their own countries recognise and honour them for their contribution, not only to the development of the human rights and dignity of LGBT people (and all minorities) but the embedding of democratic principles in the post-Soviet era.

As I am prone to saying on my travels in C&E Europe: “Love is the answer, so what was the question?”

Schools OUT and LGBT History Month co-chair said, “Clare is a great friend to us and I am thrilled that she has received this well-deserved honour. While the lazy-minded media follow Peter Tatchell on his brave and selfless annual trips to Moscow, they ignore this fantastic ambassador who travels through the former Eastern Europe to show solidarity for LGBT people everywhere.”

For those who wish to meet more of the fabulous LGBT people of C&E Europe, the EU Commission is currently hosting an exhibition: Fall of the Wall meet Stonewall – a visual parade of the parades of C&E Europe in honour of the 40th birthday of PRIDE.

Fall of the Wall meets Stonewall
8-18th June 2010
12 Star Gallery,
EU Commission,
8 Storey’s Gate,

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Anonymous said...

I am really grateful and blessed being given the opportunity to be protected and someone standing fighting for my rights,our rights as part of the LGBT community. Im hoping and looking forward that I can be part of any of this organization so I can also contribute myself for  information dissemination regarding issues, abuses, and human rights that encapsulate in our system.:-):-):-)Thank You:-)