Monday, June 14, 2010

The winning team at the Oxford Debate on the 3rd June

History was made in Oxford as Stonewall, Outrage and Schools OUT teamed up to debate at the Oxford Union against the motion that: "This House believes that gay rights have undermined family values".

Speaking against the motion were (picture):
* Peter Tatchell - High profile human rights activist Outrage member
* Sue Sanders - Co-chair of Schools Out
* Luke Tryl - Stonewall worker and Former Union President

Supporting the motion were:
* Stephen Green - National Director of the evangelical pressure group Christian Voice
* Michael Lucas - Gay pornographic actor and director
* Alex Lau - Union Secretary CTTE

The team produced some deft arguments opposing the motion, which was defeated by over 200 votes to 34. Sue challenged the limited definition of 'family' and wondered why it was so vulnerable that it needed to be protected from people like her.

The House team was a mixed bunch. Only Stephen Green was clear that gay rights were problematic and his arguments were poorly thought out.

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