Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gene Robinson on BBC Radio 4

BBC radio 4 logoOn Tuesday 28 August, Michael Buerk, presenter of The Choice, will interview the controversial ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson.

The programme focuses on people from all walks of life about a choice they made which irrevocably altered their lives and takes them through the whole process from the dilemma, through the risks they faced, to how the choice was made and living with the consequences.

Robinson is the first openly gay, noncelibate priest to be ordained to the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Robinson was elected bishop in 2003 and entered office on March 7, 2004. This appointment prompted warnings of a possible schism between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

The Choice
Tuesday 28 August 2007 9:02-9:30
Repeated: Tuesday 28 August 2007 21:30-21:58

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