Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Press Release: Ministry of Justice Supports History Month

Press Release 28th August 2008.

Ministry of Justice supports LGBT History Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month is very pleased to add the Ministry of Justice’s logo to the LGBT History Month website as they offer us both financial and intellectual support. Their logo joins those from other parts of the criminal justice system – the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police Service and Authority, who have supported us from the outset.

Michael Wills MP, the Human Rights and Ministry of Justice Equalities Minister said

"The Ministry of Justice is pleased to sponsor of LGBT History Month because it demonstrates our commitment to equality and diversity inside and outside the workplace. The month provides an opportunity to highlight discrimination and promote respect and tolerance all year round."

LGBT History Month is also very pleased to announce that the London Criminal Justice Board will host their Pre-Launch for LGBT History Month 2008 on 26 November 2007 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Paul Patrick, Co-Chair of LGBT History Month UK, states,
“We are very pleased that the criminal justice system sees our work as challenging the ignorance and stereotyping of LGBT people from which much homophobic crime stems. We are delighted that they see a major part of their role as working for prevention of such crime rather than only the effective prosecution of it when it occurs.

This is a function of their role that sadly the education system has yet to recognise or embrace.

We are proud to have these organisations amongst our sponsors.”

LGBT History Month UK takes place every February.

Contacts: Paul Patrick: 01282 441601 07883091678 paulchrysalis@yahoo.co.uk
Ministry of Justice Press Office: 020 7210 8500

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