Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heritage Trail in Manchester

Rainbow flag in front of Manchester Town Hall - Picture mark Pride week-end in Manchester, the Out in the Past trail explores the twists and turns of over 200 years of lesbian and gay history and takes in many of Manchester's concealed secrets. Learn how the resolve and courage of so many pioneering citizens resulted in a number of hidden quarters, where together they could express their sexuality freely.

Tour guide, Paul Fairweather gives a fascinating insight into the times when the simple right to decide upon the nature of personal relationships was denied. Using a mixture of humour and hard hitting facts, Jon delivers both a painful and amusing tale of characters who could be regularly found in the City. Highlights of the tour include the Police account of "disgraceful proceedings" at a city centre location where 22 of the 47 attending were men, dressed as women and all in 1880!

Friday 24th August, 3pm
Sunday 26th August, 3pm
Monday 27th August, 3pm
The tour begins at the Tourist Information Centre.

The trail is free but you will need to book a place by calling 0871 222 8223, or email

For further information go to or click here.

Manchester Pride

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