Friday, October 26, 2007

Batty Man

LGBT Black History Month logoComedian and actor Stephen K Amos uses his own experiences as a black gay man to explore why homophobia still exists in his own community.

This observational documentary by Channel 4 learning – the title of which is a derogatory term for homosexuals – follows Amos on a journey from his childhood homes in Brixton and Tooting, South London, all the way to Jamaica, where he tries to discover why prejudice, intimidation and violence against gay men remain so prevalent.

Amos canvasses the opinions of young people in London, and of audiences on the comedy circuit. In Kingston, he talks to several young people who are living in fear of their lives, and to some of the dancehall musicians whose lyrics preach hate and violence against gays.

Will he learn something on this journey about how attitudes might be changed for the benefit of the next generation of young, black gay men?

Outline, background, clips, activities and learning programme notes for the programme can be found here.

The programme is available to view and (for teachers) to download on Teachers TV here.

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