Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Same Gender Loving Filmography

LGBT Black History Month logoAs part of our celebration of Black History Month, we are proud to make available the word of Rod Patrick Risbrook (aka Big Rod), an aspiring filmmaker and student at the film department of New York University. Gathering information on 118 films and illustrated by film posters and stills, the REEL BLACK SAME GENDER LOVING FILMOGRAPHY RESOURCE "was created to enlighten, educate and make exciting for the public the body of film and television work out there depicting the lives of Same Gender Loving (SGL) people of African descent.

SGL is a culturally affirming and coined term that emerged in the early 1990s to offer black women who love women and black men who love men (and other people of color) a way of identifying that resonated with the uniqueness of black life and culture. SGL was created to affirm, embrace, reference and lovingly umbrella homosexual, bisexual and transgender people of African descent. "

You can download a pdf version of the filmography by clicking here (7.3Mb)

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