Sunday, October 28, 2007

Queer discipline:

a series of research seminars on queer studies and interdisciplinarity

29 October * 5.15pm * Room 238 (English Dept Common Room)

Matt Cook (History, Birkbeck)
‘Homes fit for homos: Joe Orton and the Domesticated Queer’

all seminars are held on the Strand Campus of King’s College London

queer discipline 2007–08 is convened by Mark Turner (English, KCL) on behalf of the Queer@King’s research centre

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**Next Critical Sexology Seminar***

7 November 2007: International Approaches to Bisexuality
2-6 pm
London South Bank University, Keyworth Centre, K405/6

Organised by Meg Barker (

To be chaired by Alessandra Iantaffi (researcher on bisexuality and therapist)

Ron Fox (Professor in Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School , San Francisco )
"International Perspectives on Bisexuality: Documenting and Preserving
History in the Making"

Matthew Waites (Lecturer in Sociology, Dept. of Sociology,
Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences, University of Glasgow )
"Bisexuality, 'Sexual Orientation' and Human Rights: The Global
Politics of Sexual Identities"

Clare Hemmings (Senior Lecturer in Gender Theory and Gender Studies,
London School of Economics)
"Bisexuality and Queer Transnationalism "

The seminar will be preceded by a morning of related events, namely a
series of presentations and workshops by and for PhD students and
others researching bisexuality. This will take place in room K605.

Critical Sexology is co-organised by Meg Barker (
and Lisa Downing (

Morning of Related Events (9.30am-1pm) Keyworth Centre Room K605

9.30-11.00 – five 15 minute presentations

Toni Brennan – Charlotte Wolf and the history of bisexual research

Robin Cackett - The Freud-Fliess-Controversy or: Investments in
Bisexuality in Early Psychoanalysis

Helen Bowes-Catton – 'Swordfighting, Drag Kings, and Cuddles-
Embodying Identity in 'spectacular' bisexual space

Christian Klesse – Personal identities and sexuality research: on
reflexivity and positionality

Alex Toft – Bisexual Christians: The Lived Experiences of a
Marginalised Community

Workshop on the links and tensions between bi academic research and
queer theory, bi activism and queer activism. Facilitated by Camel
Gupta and Meg Barker

Critical Sexology holds three seminars yearly. It is co-organised by Lisa Downing and Meg Barker. Visit our website for news of future events:

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Centre for South East Asian Studies Seminar series .

Date: Thursday, 29 November 2007
Time: 5-7pm
Title: Le Hoang’s (fallen) angels: women, gender and power in Bargirls (2003), Street Cinderella (2004) and Thieves of heart (2005)
Speaker: Dr Tess Do ( University of Melbourne )
Venue: G51, Main Building , SOAS
Contact: Ben Murtagh ( or Jane Savory (

Centre of South East Asian Studies and the Centre of Gender Studies, SOAS
Date: Thursday, 6 December 2007
Time: 5-7pm
Title: Lesbians in the metropolis: fatal attraction in two Indonesian movies from the early 1990s
Speaker: Dr Ben Murtagh (SOAS)
Venue: G51, Main Building , SOAS
Contact: Ben Murtagh ( or Jane Savory (

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