Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stonewall FC Lose World Champion Title

Britain's dreams of retaining their Gay World Cup trophy were in tatters yesterday as the Argentinean team Los Dogos beat the reigning champions 1-0 Buenos Aires' Defensores de Belgrano stadium.

London's Stonewall squad fought valiantly against the team, who were participating for the first time in the event.

"The people supported us and I hope it's always like this," said Dogos coach Nestor Gammella.

"We beat the world champions and we are happy."

The new champions now enjoy automatic qualification for the 2008 tournament in London.

Latino teams entered the tournament for the first time this year, with squads from Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and, of course, Argentina competing.

The International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) president said the organisation chose Buenos Aires because of its "respect and social acceptance of the gay community."

In the spirit of a Latin revival, the Mexican team's slogan has come to sum up the spirit of the tournament for many observers.

It says: "The ball is round for everyone."

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