Monday, October 8, 2007

Online Survey of Inequalities and Discrimination experienced by Trans People in Europe

Dr Stephen Whittle, Professor of Equalities Law at Manchester Metropolitan University and Dr Lewis Turner, both of the FTM Network UK and Press for Change, are leading a small (and very short) research project for the European Council.

Stephen Whittle says:

If you are Trans identified in anyway, then this survey is for you. It is for all ages and it is fully inclusive of all types of trans identity from cross dresser through to Transsexual as well as agender and polygender. However, if you want your personal experiences as a trans person reported back to the European Council, your responses must be completed by October 31st 2007.

The survey is only for those people living (or recently living) in one of the European Union states. If you are not sure whether your state is in the EU then see the map at :

...where current EU countries are depicted in YELLOW.

The survey is available identically in nine initial languages; we hope to add three or four further languages shortly. You can take part in whichever language you prefer, regardless of the country you live in now - but you must only take part once.

To select the language you prefer go to

The results of the project will inform the European Council and many other public authorities in Europe and help them develop new ways of promoting equality. The main objectives of this research project are:

** To document the extent and types of inequality and discrimination people experience because they are Trans

** To pinpoint the areas of life where trans people have experienced being treated unequally or have been discriminated against

** To establish the 'trigger points' which have led to a individuals experiencing inequalities or discrimination and

** To make recommendations for immediate changes to work practices and for future research in the area.

The survey will take you around 30-45 minutes and it will be completely confidential.

We have tried to be comprehensive for the purposes of the research, but please remember that this survey is going out in many languages, and that has made it difficult to get all the correct terms you might understand and also to limit the number of questions we dare ask you.

PLEASE ask ALL of your TRANS friends, including part-time cross dressers, transgender, transsexual, a-gendered and poly gendered people and anyone in-between to complete this questionnaire. In fact, why not have a party night, bring in all the computers and laptops you can borrow and amidst the tapping of keys enjoy your evening with good friends.

BUT each person must only complete it ONCE.

Any questions email :

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Unknown said...

How about trans women from the United States getting in on this poll? We go through a lot of discrimination here also.